Dear you

Did you know that I keep having conversations with you in my mind ? It generally is more of a monologue. I am so glad that you can never hear them expressed. I wonder though.. are you the one that got away ? or may be the one that never really came in my way ? This is for all of yous in my dear yous btw.

I wonder why you came when you did. I wonder why you all disappeared and more importantly, did I finally learn all that I needed to ? I know this though– I have grown as a person, more comfortable with my skin, with my life and in general content.

So may be I did learn all that I needed to.

In that case does that mean that the era of  ‘dear yous’ is over ?

Then may be the next ‘dear you’ the real deal might finally enter my life ?

The one who is meant to stay…

Or may be, no ‘dear you’ is needed any more and this

‘dear me’

is just


Self lovingly mine,



I cant help but keep wondering about these questions that swirl through my mind. Cant help but be caught unawares with these thoughts. What do I do with my why and wherefores that seem to pile up ? Answers that seem to be right there and yet so elusive.

I know it is not healthy or fruitful to dwell on these things. I know that its better to let go.. but I wonder sometimes… why is so hard to do all the things that are good for us ?


When i think of you…..

Dear you,

When I think of you, I do not think of them funny jokes that always end in wanton kisses or the accidental touch that run down a current through my spine. Nor do I think of that lazy afternoon in the back seat of a theatre spent mostly in not watching the movie.

I do not think of the unused tickets or the lush green evening spent in circles or the starry strawberry nights in front of the golden campfire.

When I think of you,  I think of the searing heat curling up my toes and enveloping me in its warmth.

Warmth trickling down like chocolate and melting memories into a luminescent  glow.


Thoughtfully yours,



Random Ruminations

– I am terribly romantic. Romantic not because I am waiting to find that proverbial bad man ( or a prince if you will) who will change ( bring the whole world in his hands and gift me!) but because I find adventure where people find hardship. I want to live in a war worn country, experience terrible hardships and find my limits. Some days I want to experience truely devastating storm wherein the very roof above my home would fly and find how I can live through it and smile. For that would be truly living by the moment wouldnt it ? I know these wishes are terrible in a way..hence the statement. I am ‘terribly’ romantic

– What is with kids that they are so so cute ? Such huge buttony eyes that looks at world with such wonder, such mischief ? Every time I look at them, I feel a pinch in my stomach that I do my best to ignore. This must be the nesting instinct that most women talk about. I have thought about it at length and have come to a conclusion that it is not for me. And yet, sometimes I wonder if I am wrong and if I would regret in future. But the thought of subjecting my kid to the world as is, and the ache and worries attached with being a parent and of failing at being responsible of another life. Of failing at being a parent as one should be.. puts me right. It doesnt help that all my friends are ‘settling down’ left right and center and that I have not yet even figured out the kind of life I want. One thing I am sure of. I do not want ‘me’ as a mother.

– Poetry might finally be trickling in. I was walking back to the train station from a really tiring office day when I saw this dry leaf ( Autumn is amazingly opulent in its colors. Truly vivid!) drenched in rain, and I thought.. This leaf is me. So drenched, so dry…. and I wrote a few lines about it.

– You know how they say a fool is easily parted with his money… ? Well that fool is me, when it comes to books. I just spent a weeks worth of money buying books. I know I should feel guilty but I dont. All I could think of is cuddling inside my blanket ( this cold evening), smoking a cigarette, plugging my headphones on , and get lost in this delightful gang of characters who beckon me with lovely snippets of their life.

– I also visited a mall this weekend and I had a ruminating conversation with myself. Why is it that I detest shopping ? What is so wrong with wanting to look good and investing some time in actually achieving that ? Am I the only thirty something woman ( I have to try hard to not write ‘girl’ here and why is it so hard for me to accept that am a woman and not a girl? Aging is so terrible when you are a bumbling girl at heart! ) who does not know how it is to put on a decent make up ? I also have started feeling keenly that I am terribly dressed( a good thing or bad? )

– Loneliness ( or solitude if you will ) is a good thing. It really is. The things you learn about yourself is a journey everyone should experience at least once.

– I have been reading a book where the story is told in series of letters and I miss the feel of it. I think technology has spoiled us. The information about every one is so readily available — a phone call, an email, a chat ; that we have forgotten how to communicate ( to ruminate), measure our words. I feel this more keenly now that I am so far away from all my friends. I miss letter writing. I have started this thing with a friend of mine wherein we only communicate on email. No phone calls no quit chats. And I realize how bad I am at writing letters. I want to write witty letters with interesting characters but I realize more and more daily how unobservant I am. Every day I meet so many new people and interact with them but if you ask me how they look or what they said… i would be in a bind to recollect. A new resolution if you will… write about one character I meet.. everyday.. lets see how successful I am with it. At the very least, I have something to write about and cannot complain about how I have nothing to write about. May be then I could finally be a writer I hope to be… Someday!

A drop

Dear you,

Every conversation with you is like a drop in the ocean. There is so much that we have shared and yet there is so much to say. I know you wait for my call with as much urgency as I wait to call you! Every  interruption an obstacle, an irritation to overcome, a brief respite from madness that is us.

Every day is a step towards abyss and yet no day is complete without you in it…

Insanely yours,






Change is delightful. Change is scary. When change happens you can’t help being excited and anxious. Change makes you hopeful and yet when change happens there is nothing you can do but go along the tide and hope to find a shore. Change is very fickle that way… but there is nothing more certain than change!

Dear you

Dear you ,

Sometimes I feel like a child and that you are my toy, nay, I am a scared dog and your are my unexpected juiciest chew. I poke at you, I run away… then slowly creep near and take a long lick. I cannot believe that you are still here after all this while. I am afraid to move my eyes away from you, lest someone steal you away.

Salivatingly yours,