Silence whispers

Isnt it true??
Silence has a poetry of itself…The best moments n the worst moments in life is spent in silence!!
I wonder we express so much thru silence y the hell do v need words??
Chk this…

There r different kinds of silence…There is a silence that u fal into if u r in awe of something mejestic like a work of art.. that last for a short time… but definitely comfortable..There is a peaceful silence that u feel wid a person u r so in tune wid that words r not needed to communicate.. that can last for hours togather n not hurtThere is a silence in solitude (not lonliness both r diff) but this silence is cherishable..Ofcourse there is a chaotic silence.. where there is lot to eb said but u dont say it coz of fear, feeling of futileness, frustration etc Now this silence is a killer yes this can cause all sorts of problems.. n can last for years togather


Humor me please? *winks*

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