A Yen

After a long time I am getting this terrible yen to blog during the day and almost regularly. God knows why. esp as I ahve nothing to really talk abt only the will to talk..

Finally I decided to take a take on quotes that I wanted to write about.

In one of my frustrated phase I have made a change in my wallpaper which says…

Dreams are like Rainbows, Only fools chase them…..

How pesimistic is this? I can see nodding head wid ready advices (After all I am one of them too … like recognises like :D) Well to continue…

I dont think it is pessimistic at all… yes you read right. it isnt pessimistic. As long as you only dream and chase it.. it is fools paradise. to actually make it work you need to water it down to real world. Plan it. on basis of reality. So is it not not pessimistic? [:D]


Humor me please? *winks*

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