Shit happens

Venue: Office

A notification. You got a mail.

I click on popup and do a gig in the air.

Hello Meena,

Your leave application for the period of 5 days (27 May 2007-31 May 2007) has been approved.
Please contact your local management to work out the shifts so that someone can cover your work load.


Leon Elperin

I am ecstatic. Finally, I will go to Mumbai! Meet my friends for 7 days. I keep blabbering about it in the cab. come home. dance with smitha (my sis) for some time. play with sweety(my baby pet).

I turn on computer to tell it to my friends online.

system alert.

your computer is infected with a hacker tool. please install ‘winantiviruspro 2007’

I yell at my sis. What did you do now? I told you not to install anything unless you know what it is.

Smitha hurt. mood changed to bad
Le sigh.

I run scans. Many scans. Different anitvirus scans. spyware scans. adware scans.

Still there it is. The alert is juss there.

Opened Add/remove programs.

There it is: Windows security alert, Internet explorer plugin. Video ex 8.0.

I click on uninstall.


You need to reboot your system to uninstall.

I click on okay. system reboots. but there it is not uninstalled

Fiddle with registry. entries deleted reappears. Le sigh

Try safe mode. same thing repeats. even the notification appears in safe mode [:O]
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Pssssssssssssssssssst

Open list of services. stop many unwanted services. Look for suspicious ones. Not there.

Now time to hunt the windows and system32 folder.

hack hack. delete delete.

Finally restart.

There you go…..

Bios loading….

beep beep beep…..

system restarts.

Again Bios loading

beep beep beep….

Conclusion: system crash!

Then you remember, the last time the way you broke the XP cd to pieces. you ver very very angry.

You cry . you scream. but there it is. your system gone phut!

you search for long forgotten rejected ubuntu Live cd.

Come online and blog.

What the heck!

Shit happens !!!

Life goes on [:D]


6 thoughts on “Shit happens

  1. you shuld have either tried system restore or used the vaccum cleaner to clean the mess ..

    dont u have these door-to-door-to-door salesmen sellin those?

  2. very well written, meena!:)
    and the simplicity is what gives the entire piece its flavour…!

    is this the day when you told me that you were running scans? awww…. is the system working well now?
    these viruses should be butchered!!:x

    but seriously, a very well-written piece on a topic that we can all relate to…
    Kudos, girl!:)

  3. was serious on your part, but very funny forthe readers :D…

    Loved the whole incidence..these things don’t happen regularly ;).

    Learn from these experiences and keep making us laugh 😛

  4. oh i could so imagine you going haywire over that. but like you said, SHIT HAPPENS.

    Psst, u really shouldn’t have gone through that System32 folder. not everyone is me. 😛

  5. You have put it in simple words but its amazingly written…

    about the experience… I had the same at least twice 😦

    whats more painful is that one’s work disappears after a major crash and I hate that 😡

    hope you recovered everything…

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