Blabbering blasted fools!

As it is i have enough fools in my life i dont want any additions!
I dont knw who and what gives fucking bastards any right to actually make a judgement on me without ever knowing me!

Some fucking fool had some fucking problem he thinks the whole world should have it. just becoz his n mine background match somehow he wants m to be careful!

Up ur ass u asshole!

If i have any issues or if i will have any issues its my problem i dont want ur prophecy of doom!

That fucktard hardly knew me for 5 min and started his crap abt how he suffered and he knows

Piss off!

I am goddamn tired fo this caviliar attitude of these ppl.

Nishants says rightly, I somehow have a magnetism that attracts weirdoes [:X]

This is fucking heights!


2 thoughts on “Blabbering blasted fools!

Humor me please? *winks*

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