A walk to remember……

Its been long I havent indulged my self thoroghly. Today was the day I chose…
The day started in a positive note.. I came home on time had uninterrupted sleep for complete 4 hrs.. Now thats a big acheivements nowadays [:)]
Then I had plans to go out and meet someone.. In particularly prarthana.
The discussion was fairly fruitful. But more than that it was fun to actually converse to real ppl for a change and enjoy..
The casual joys of bantering that I took for granted.. that I didnt even realise how much I missed… Well it got satisfaction today. I had pure simple fun.
As usual something must go wrong else it wouldn’t be my life would it?
Yes ppl ‘mere hi saath aise hota hai’ ……
My sister didnt get up when I woke her up .. I was late.. the usual… late latif 😦
So I locked up my sister and left.. and incidentally thats when someone came and it was too urgent to avoid….
Sister was furious.. thats an understatement but after i explained she was fyn..
But isnt this funny?? he he he khi khi khi……
Then well had a nice chat with Sumit over a cuppa of coffee 🙂 It was wonderful to chat with him always. He is ever so smiling and sweet.
Uff me and my rambling! I am going to become a very boring granma! :((
I can imagine my grandchildren running away from my chatter and others keeping interrupting me with..’ Ahem i have to go …’ And me trying hard to comeplete my story … 😦
Shucks! I cn’t go to the topic yet.. It can be sweet also.. my grankids begging me for stories.. I know i will spin the best ones!! 😀
On this happy note let me tell you about my naughty nightly adventure :). For all those bozoes who are going to cluck their tongue.. save it!
Ahem… I went out in the night! At 3:15-3:30 am.. yep almost middle of the night 😀 . It was refreshing to have the road all to myself to do what I like!
It was drizzling softly.. so softly that i didnt even get wet… nothing disturbing me but occasional cab… It was awesome..
I sang songs… to my heart content.. its been long.. I hadnt let my heart sing.. sing songs it felt like.. softly.. singing to myself. Dreaming on the road… infact walking itself was a leisure that I hardly indulge in and hence it was wonderful… How I wish i have a very nice camera.. esp with night vision. Though i am not very good with camera.. i love taking pics.. esp of clouds and the sky….
The moon looked so beautiful… hidden behind the dark clouds.. seemed like it wanted me to follow it.. to the world unknown.. Dark and mysterious…
It was so special.. I would cherish this night for a long long time!

One thought on “A walk to remember……

  1. I dont know who u are and from which lost location u have fallen in to this heaven bt you are beautifully simple. when somebody realise the joy flowing in the wave of ‘Conversing’ with others it shows how they really understand spirit of life and human being. cheers little heavenly

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