I wonder why I bother.. yeah I am talking about you.. if you read this you will know! Why do I really bother talking to you? I know I have asked myself before too. I have asked you too. But i still do. I like talking to you.. But I like talking to many others too. nothing special about it.

I am sure that is what you must be telling yourself. In a way you are right too. But everyone have their own special style special charm.. It is true that I may not miss you for long.. but I will miss talking to you..

I know i said call is yours… but not always. Next time call will be mine.. so you better take care.. I don;t know what I mean by this!

Le sigh!

Is this a threat to you? :O or some kind of warning? I don’t think you really should read this :


Humor me please? *winks*

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