Hard to let go…

As usual, I was looking forward to another post. But this post’s needs were pressing…..

Well there are somethings…. some people who are hard to let go.. no matter what. You try hard but you fail… Doesnt mean you cling to them.. its not ur style.. on the outside you have distanced yourself from them.. on the inside you still think abt them.. u resist the urge to call them.. and then you call.. you wait for them to return the call like eternity.. if they r on orkut/messenger etc etc.. u try hard to keep a track on them.. as in when they come online when they don’t whom have they recently scrapped etc etc.. When they havent scrapped you.. u feel let down.. u feel sad that a 3rd person is more important than you..

You can hardly do anything… u supress the urge to scrap and let them know.. how hurt you are.. and steel urself to ignore them.. until the next outburst wherein the need doesnt supress and you call again. Surprisingly (or may be u believe coz thats what u want to believe) they make u feel as if you really are missed. And fall for it like a fool.. although all along you know.. u know tht its not them but its u who is cheating yourself…

Genuine lies??? Or honest illusions?

May be both.. may be niether.. u juss r comfortable in this position.. position of being a doormat….

Or may be i am juss stupid!

Le sigh


Humor me please? *winks*

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