How can a perfectly wonderful day turn into a nightmare????

Yeah truely.. It wasnt much of a perfect morning.. or if it was i wouldnt know i was busy sleeping !!!

I was supposed to be at i-volunteer office by 12 and i got up by 12:30 .. yeah the same ole story… all u need to see is my very first post and u wud know all abt this [:D]

Oh well… so.. i stumbled wid half open eyes in the i -volunteer office by 1:40 i think.. And guess what sumit was late [:P] *for valid reasons* still late than me :P…..

Well we were supposed to practice for the skit.. i had fun wid that.. not that I had a big part.. language is a big constraint Le sigh!!

So laughing and joking all the way we reached the garment factory we needed to go…

Oh dear me! I never told what we wre doing and why.. we were going to provide aids awareness to workers of garment factory πŸ™‚

Oh well i did a miniscule part that could have been omitted.. but it was still fun.. we joked so much.. teased each other etc etc… It was a second college time πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

There a guy from AID india had come.. I liked what ever he spoke about i am interested bigtime πŸ™‚

I visited the website if you would like to visit click here

They have so many projects that I hardly know where to start!

I think i am going to eat the head of the guy who was gulliable to give me the number πŸ˜€
And then while coming back i got lift till jaynagar 7th blk πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ . The lady i was travelling with was a social worker since long πŸ™‚ She gave me various tips and advice and i tole her i can design her website for free if she likes.. that would be a good project for me to try πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I am excited.. lets see if she agrees.. All the three ladies from some mahila organisation who were co-ordinating were soo dynamic.. the lady i was talking abt was the family councelor.. I can see ppl easily opening up with her.. she has the charm of next door neighbour with warm heart…. every one knows some lady like that πŸ™‚
There was a leader of the three who was soo dynamic on the podium.. like a politician she talked.. if i had better grasp of the language i would have liked it better.. and the third lady was the treasurer.. she was a different kind of a leader.. she took time to talk to every one.. from the general manager of the garments factory to me! :O she complimented me for my minuscule role !! Whoa!! to the lady who offered us tea at the ned of the seminar.. she made everyone feel special thats wonderful!!!

Now coming to the script itself.. we had brilliant actors really the good boy was/ is soo funny πŸ™‚
He looked credible but still funny! And bad boy was a perfect bad boy.. his tone intonation.. seemed as if he really was a bad boy like the narrator says.. in the real life he is very good.. [:D]

Ahem coming to the narrator πŸ™‚ He is an awesome speaker.. he wasnt speaking to the ppl.. he was speaking with them.. thats the difference.. the way he was making ppl respond.. the humour the command.. it was a treat to watch… and lateron when i got to know more abt him and the bad boy.. ahem anand and shayish (hope the spelling is right) i felt all the more positive for them..

And there is this dynamic bundle of energy amit πŸ™‚ that guy is soo dedicated and soo confindent now that is something i wish i had.. such a powerful persona.. he is a kind of guy who would never be ignored πŸ˜€

Wondering y no gals??? ofcourse there is!!

Let me talk abt the sweet lil gal (ahem y am i acting like a ole foggy?? she is only 2 years younger than me i believe or 3 thatss alll) well she is sweet and shy πŸ™‚

I think i can be friends with her very well πŸ™‚ i teased her abt the kid soo much .. ahem the kid was a monkey wid a tail.. i teased her al the time and she was good sport abt it…
And there was quiet and yet outspoken Imal nice name isnt it???? it means help in malaysian πŸ™‚

she was the doc in the skit… though she was doing it for the first time.. she did it so nice ly so comfortably!!!

it was a treat to watch her πŸ™‚

I guess by and large it was a wonderful day until i reached home :((
Y does this happen?? y do i always have something bad wid good???

For starters.. i didnt get rick easily.. and thats when i remembered that i had office and it was 8:20!! my cab comes at 9-9:15…….
And all the auto waalas werent ready to come.. so i had to ask the guy that i shall pay 10 rupees extra.. finally home to see sis juss woke up and food wasnt prepared.. lucily i took shev puri home juss on the whim..

Le sigh reminds me of my mom sadly and suddenly i wanna cry :O :O
god knows y.. i am crying 😦 momma always used to bring things (may be coz.. she used to return around that time home ) we used to wait for her… to come and bring something.. fruits.. chocalates.. biscuits anything.. something!! all 4 of us will eat it togather have coffee and then she would cook and we wud do something!!

i am missing that right now acutely :O sometimes i am weird really !
To miss something that stopped being some 10 years back.. when i ddint miss it any day in the past i am missing it now??

Oh shoot thats not true! I waited i waited so many days.. i stopped myself thinking so many times… gazing at the gate.. thinking she will come right now.. ab 7:40 train aaya hai 😦

Oww stupid me whats the use thinking abt it today? No use .. le sigh! so where was I…..

Yeah once i finished wid it and tried to go online the Airtel’s server was down :O :O

So it was.. came to office.. ahem ahem my office computer broke!! i had to login to a diff computer and then i cant login to one tool…

Utilized that time talking to a very drunk vishal πŸ˜› he he he
He is so cute when he is drunk πŸ™‚ well and thats abt it…

Oh well i forgot to add abt three most important person πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Sumit prarthana and Sunita πŸ™‚

Prarthana and Sunita both are marathi i came to know πŸ™‚ and they both r sooo friendly!! Its so much fun to crack jokes wid prarthana and sunita is sweeet πŸ™‚ very very sweet.. she reminds me of someone but i dun know who!!

Imal is very much like princy πŸ™‚

And sumit! as usual he is a fun to be with.. easy company no strings no ego down to earth!

Shoot i forgot rajesh!! Now that is one more bundle of energy.. very very sweet πŸ™‚
He did a story on devdasis in karnataka.. so shameful
I mean even today devdasis exist thats sooo shamefull and the media instead of breaking such stories are busy tracking who kissed whom in the film world :d and the goddamn moral police spouting crap!!

why cant they work on such issues???

Well i am having some discussion with someone abt CSR.. would like to talk abt it some day.. i guess i shud dedicate one post to hiv awareness…


Humor me please? *winks*

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