Some old rant…

Yeah I am in mood to rant today… but nothings new that requires ranting.. so am dredging up old stories 😀

Well I am kinda disillusioned by few of my hostel friends .. esp guy friends.. all through my college life i felt.. okay those are guys and need to support each other.. so never felt bad abt it…

But later on i had few issues in my life.. and since they know me better than the other guy (or so i assumed) they will support me

Case 1.
Talking to my friend some 2 months after my break up.. havent discussed wid him at all.

He: yaar woh tujse pyaar karta hai

Me flabbergasted

Me: tuje kaise pata?

He: Kaise pata kay.. karta hai isliye hi toh tujse ab bhi contact me rehna chahata hai

Me: Do you know y i accepted him.. do u know y i said no? Do you know the story?? Do you know him???

He: Yaar, fir bata na kya baat hai…

Well buster.. u dun know what the story is. You know me. I am a reasonably intelligen person even for a gal. Buddy I have adviced u some. sometime atleast… In that case, assuming i have average intelligence, If i have said no.. means there is an important reason for me atleast to brk up.. so u shud support me not some stranger romeo [:x][:x]

Case 2.

I scrapped my friend and his friend scrapped me. I didnt like him and i tole him to stop scrapping me.

Enters friend.

How could u make fun of his english? Didnt expect this from me


Me: See i tole him not to scrap me. Didnt listen so i was pissed.

He: He says u scrapped me.

*cant explain my emotions. outraged is more likely*

Me: Why the hell would i even consider scrapping him? I’ve got many friends to chat wid any point of time and besides if i wanna talk too i shallnot talk to some useless guy!

No reply for that. Only said, dont talk to him. I said fine. His friend scraps even today!

What I am trying to point is, without knowing without anything these ppl supported a guy! Well i dun mind your being clannish and et al. But you guys know me for like 5-6 years. Common yaar, atleast consider our friendship for 6 years before u support some stupid stranger. And if you really wanna support that guy.. all it proves is my stupidity to consider our relation as friendship.. its nuffin but company in the time when there were no other form of entertainment.

It has been my one more step of disillusionment!

Well now i dun expect any better from you both……


Humor me please? *winks*

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