Okay. Today was fun but i am confused. Is this what i really want? I dont know.. mostly i think i am juss too lonely. may be this is not what i want. this is stupid and idiotic.. i dun wanna make the same mistake again. may b ei wont make it this time around?

I dun know. I am known to be repeatedly stupid : I guess i dunno what i guess.. i liked it. I more than liked it… welll it was juss too romantic.. and too idiotic 😛

Oh shoot.

I dunn have anything to say actually.. but i think this is stupid.. i am going to take a step back thats all.. things going too fast nowadays scare me big time!


2 thoughts on “Hmmm……

  1. Gotta keep taking chances
    Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they dont……….

    take this chance……..and i’l keep my fingers crossed for you

    *crosses his fingers

Humor me please? *winks*

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