Half century!!!

Yep my 50th post!!

Yesterday was by and far one of the best day for me!! Instead of wallowing in self pity on this day.. I actually went to my nani’s place! with sweety in tow.. it was sure to be fun and it was!

My sweety didn’t let my mama come home.. his home .. it was sooo funny.. then the usual talks!

*le sigh* I have got a soulmate in my cousin! LOL she backed me to hilt and we kept teasing elders for a change!

Somethings never change! When we *touched elders feet* they blessed us to get a “husband” very soon.. I was like blessing de rahe ho ki curse!

Really.. other than this part.. i can njoy my relatives.. * atleast it wasnt.. i know this guy who is an engineer… thing*

Well shopping for new clothes was fun too and so was travelling wid sweety in the rick…

Fir late in the night i caught indo-pak match.. juss the last over to see them go to tie and then win…

And my friend got us a DVD with 3-4 movies… we end up watching Awarapan… it was okay movie.. and i am going back for ganapati to nani’s place….

Yippie! and today all my cousins will be there i expect to tease ppl as well as get teased!!

All in all great expectations


5 thoughts on “Half century!!!

  1. husband curse?? really i thought if u love sm1 truly deeply u shud marry em n be 2gther 4eva… so does dat mean i shud nt marry my love n let her be happy???

  2. yea ur rite arranged marriages r fun only 4 ppl who lyk surprises !!!
    “oh kewl mommy gt a housemaid who’ll sleep wid me”
    lolzz dats wt guys in2 arranged marriages wnt!!!

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