Awesome reads…

Lately, me and my sister tend to go out even on work days and figure out how to get internet connection that can fit our budget and has quick activation. Given the options.. i think we are wasting time…

Well as we keep roaming.. one thing can’t escape my eyes is the road side book stall.. my life line. I know there are many nice arguements against piracy.. but when i see that i can buy 3 books in the price of one.. all my good intentions vanish..

So after a lot of window shopping .. i settled on 2 books.. I like to buy more than one books of an author togather.. somehow reading the second book is an prolonged enjoyment then.. I know what to expect 🙂

So.. This time I picked up ” the kite runner” and ” A thousand splendid suns”.

Believe me they are worth reading..

Esp kite runner. The most startling discovery I made while reading this book is .. how much I hated the character ” aamir ” in it initially. This made em think…

Why is that we want to be perfect? Not us.. but others. We want them to accept us as we are.. but.. we cant accept ppl.. we expect them to be perfect.. atleast. like us.. I mean.. if u r sloppy.. u dont mind.. if ur friend is sloppy.. however a fastidious person may not like that.. he will forever nag.. ‘tum apna khayaal kyon nahi rakhte? ‘ I know you may think… isnt he doing what a good friend is doing.. I would say ask the other friend!

So.. in this story.. aamir is kinda the weak guy.. and hassan the perfect guy.. aamir cannot stand hassans goodness.. and hassan is all observing/ absorbing sponge!!!

I cannot even think of the all humiliation accepting nature of hassan! What i feel is pity for such an character.. he knows that his existence is soo hopeless that he has lost the sense iof self? May be not.. may be he accepts reality for what it is.. something i can never do!!

In the other book… it is a story of 2 wives… and their relation that starts with proverbial hatred.. since both r dependant on the husband for survival.. they cant be angry on him.. n hence direct it on each other..

This total dependance.. total aceptance of first wife.. who was physially abused repeatedly…

leaves me angered.. and yet this is an hopeful story.. there is a lot of death in this book.. but at the end.. it still leaves us hopeful… it has beautiful description of what went inside Afganistan! The reason y ppl supported taliban.. and how mis guided they were… etc etc .. a must read!


2 thoughts on “Awesome reads…

  1. u know y we hate and love characters esp in fiction is coz the writer makes us connect wid em…n as 4 afghanistan it is the most beautiful place on earth…n also the ugliest..think of panjshir valley which is a beautiful oasis with pristine sparkling water and greenery everywhere …but on the other side there are rusting tanks and jeeps lying dere…

  2. I have read The kite Runner and liked it very much..haven’t read second one though. You made a good point about our nature. I don’t understand why are we like this? Why this ‘perfect’ word exist for that matter ….

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