Reach the top

Loads of thoughts run through my mind all day that i wanna jot down or post in the blog… in short i compose 10 post for every post actually posted… Wondering what this got to do wid the topic? nothing much!

But who says i got to make sense???

Having made my wilfully stewpid point I move on to the actual stuff * u r welcome to not read it πŸ˜› *


Most of us want to reach the top real fast.. in this process we forget to make support bases.. We r so busy into using all the oppurtunity , we forget to save for the rainy day.. I mean we dont make friends.. we r too busy to notice others…

Now reaching the top is relatively easy.. No Not EASY but Relatively easy!!!

What I mean is, once you reach the top u have to make sure that no one else takes ur place.. besides top.. pinnacle is a very lonely state..

As long as u can u keep fighting.. and then someone else replaces u.. and u fall

And the extent to which u fall depends on ur support base..

For example, if u urself gracefully find out who is more capable of replacing u.. keep helping him/her around and then when he/she is ready demote urself n promote him..

Firstly, he/she wudnt have u as threat and hence will protect ur place * personal selfishness* coz if u r replaced the net person will b threat to him/her..

and also coz he/she is greatful for ur help..
This is what support base is all abt.. u become his/her support base and he/she urs…

And world n u r better for it!

So ppl remember to make support bases πŸ™‚


Humor me please? *winks*

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