Trip to skandagiri

These are not the pics that we clicked.. will add that later πŸ™‚

Few facts:
It is 60 km from bangalore.
No specific monuments to visit
There is a temple on the top
No water or food available ( buttermilk is available)

We were a group of 14 ppl. We left Bangalore around 6:45 am, reached the bottom of the hill by 8:00 am.. reached the top around 11:15 or something.. awesome views… monkeys are there.. loads of rocks.. after having breakfast we started alighting.. this path is very steep ** very scary for me ** reached the bus by 1:15 pm

Phew.. now the fun stuff.. trekking after 2 years made me realize how out of shape i am.. I have trekked mountains bigger than this and still never felt so tired! its abt time i shape up huh!

Every 5 min i stopped.. i wondered if i cud make it.. i am glad that i did and then made so many new friends.. it was an awesome trip.. i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did..

hoping to go to many more such trips!


3 thoughts on “Trip to skandagiri

  1. grrreeaaattttt !! πŸ˜€ … I’d love to trek but havn’t done for looooong 😦
    ..good thing you did that …now post the pix clicked πŸ™‚

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