Iressponsible love….

Yeah! I want to talk about our puppy love err love of dog. Most of us who buy dogs as pet for the first time.. do that without thinking anything without planning.

This causes both you and your dog to suffer. Like I have suffered in many ways!

Most of the dogs brought are left out as strays when they grow up as the owner bought it when it was a small puppy all cute and all but the grown up is hard to handle.

From experience loving dogs is one thing and keeping one is another thing ball game!

If you cant provide time for your dog.. cant take care in general.. kindly do not buy one!

Firstly, its better to potty train as soon as possible.
Please read some book on dog care before you buy one so that You know what to expect
Do not skip any vaccine. Its best if you take the dog for monthly check up.
Its better to train the dog through professionals if you do not have time
Please follow all that the trainer says. Do not spoil the dog
Take it out atleast 2 times a day for 30 min

Now about my personal experience! I always loved dogs. So I blindly got one.. without much thought… My sweety is one the best gift in my life.. yes and yet I face a lot of problem.

I didnt potty train it. So till date she shits shabbily. What i mean is.. intially she used to shit when I used to take her out. if by chance i cudnt.. she would shit in the hall. Believe me.. cleaning that often pisses you.

By nature i am lazy.. and.. well i do not play as much as i shud wid a dog… so well she gets bored.. though its not a problem now.. but earlier sweety used to chew so many things.. pillows.. bed… jeans.. belts.. slippers.. bags.. anything plastic or wooden or rubber…

my sis n dad r pissed by it in parts.. we all love her a lot.. shes the pearl of our eyes.. yet its hard to control her.. shes only afraid of me n listens to me!

Dads old.. n she tries to jump on him like she does with us. Our doggy is not trained much. So well she is obedient ofcourse.. but very excited. And she is bored a lil. I try to give time.. but my life is hectic already..

I do not regret having sweety in my life.. but i regret not taking care to b informed….


7 thoughts on “Iressponsible love….

  1. thank god u wrote this one! lol… i REALLY need to read it again before i buy a dog. i thought i jus buy a dog n thats it. im glad. >:D< :*

  2. and i dont like dogs and they dont like me either….

    but it is good… people interested in buying dogs, will be benefited if they read this blog of urs 🙂

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