I recently realized how ironic my life is πŸ™‚

Recently, I visited one interview……

Which made m realized how much i am forgetting.. *lots*

Okay to start wid…

When we first came to bangalore, I never dreamt of joining a call centre *such work were beneath me*

LOL! if only i knew my future…

I used to accompany my sister for interviews for both support and company.. we were 2 girls in strange city with no experience… when no calls from IT industry came, I decided to try my luck here.. u see i was getting frustrated being home all the time…

I was so confident that I will get in… Thats when I got a rude awakening.. I was rejected for my accent which was absurd :

however, I did get through in my 3rd interview and for a pretty good process..

The days were same borin repitation and i wasnt satisfied… after quiting job and 3 months wid no job offer.. I decided to try back in the industry where i performed really well

*many appreciation emails and compliments wherein customers thought i was american.. etc etc * I was sure i will get through
I did too in all the rounds but HR… where they found me over qualified for the job….

after rejection in 5 companies for being over qualified, I got through this company.. been here for an year now.. looking to move on..

So.. few weeks back I gave one interview..

and I was offered an alternative job coz.. i am not qualified enough.. which I agree to given my dismal performance..

but still life brought me back to same juncture…

earlier i wasnt qualified enuf.. then i was over qualified now back to under qualified!



4 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. Life is full of ups and downs. Ur experiences are good and lot dynamic. It will give u great relief afterwards when u’ll look back someday!! Ejoy life to the fullest and keep up with the same pace,,, good luck…

  2. whos the idiotic twerp taking ur interview with all our personal r/s aside i can say one thing meena u have a good voice i spoke to u for the first time last week i guess i 4gt …but i must say ur voice isnt bad ur voice is the kinda we would hire in Convergys for u can be good in both Sales and Inbound!! i wrkd as an Hr and i knw m tellin u !! stop goin to two bit lil shitty companies try smthn big !! m serious!!! u dnt have an accent problem and more so u have a sweet pleasent voice which custs like!! i mean who was that HR can i get his nos?? does he even have a degree ???

  3. honey.. the person who rejected me for my accent was 2 years back.. now evidentlaly am really good at it.. after 1 n half years of exp.. i better b πŸ˜›

    the new person who rejected me.. werll it was due to my technical knowledge…

    So i completely agree wid their decision.. they really were good at what they did.. n i obviously lacked the knowhow…

  4. Over qualified and now NOT qualified enough :O

    Do you need a shootgun for next interview? I suggest you take one with you.

    Yeah! Blogging won’t get you a better job 😐


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