Words in themselves are nothing
but when backed by feelings.. they r everything

And yet for many a years these words were elusive to me
And i was pensive
wanting to know
when will they flow

Now i love the way them vocabulary comes creeping unawares
liked flummoxed and caliver

ha ha ha!

I would just b thinking something … and some nice word would pop up.. i dunno if u can relate to it or u\s its more like i taste the word with a sentence and love it…

Every new word that i remember gives me special pleasure..

once upon a time used to boast of a very high vocab..

not that its really bad now.. but worser than what it was surely..

I still like how i feel when i remember them words…

its like discovering oneself…

am i making sense?


One thought on “Words

Humor me please? *winks*

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