Second post of the new year!

Yesterday I started to write many times.. I wanted to.. too.. but i didnt.. may be becoz.. if i wrote yesterday.. it would ahve been one more sad ranting by me.. Err not done.. not anymore..

I feel very positive very hopeful today!!

How did it happen??? many things contributed to it…

Starting with… well I read a very nice complimentary.. astro forecast.. Err thats a different thing that every star sign had similar crap [:P]

But it felt good..

Also, Finally i have decided to do something with my life.. something positive… err i am still not confident enuf to share with everyone what that positive step is.. i am scared of failing.. but still i am giving my best.. that feels great!

And I have some ppl i can count as friends now in bangalore.. that feels even more better 😀 😀

I never realized *yeah right* how ashamed i was *suprised face* yes i was about my job.. Which is bull crap! My job is one of the better paying easygoing one.. besides I hardly have to work there!

But i no longer am … It *this job* gave me monetary gain.. that i cannot even think of few months back.. now i can afford to rent a 12000 rent waala house.. all by myself and yet live wid ayyashi!

More importantly.. it gave me friends to count on.. well my office friends * never ever called them that before : : * are not with whom I share anything.. there are hardly many around with whom I would actually share my life.. yet.. both provide me comfort.. 🙂

I am not friendless. There r n no of ppl who think highly of me.. covet my friendship! What else I want??

Due to volunteering I have made some friends I can count on .. 🙂

And the best part is my friends from the course I did! I met one of them today! Somehow I feel more hopeful now.. All of them are in good jobs 🙂 Felt so wonderful meeting them!

Wil be most prolly meeting them this weekend.. Dont know why this feels like home coming.. like i am going in the direction i wanna be..

Err a new day has come 😛

I was waiting for so long
To find a place that I belong
But I was searching all wrong
I got to play along
Yes troubles may prolong
But success will come, If i stay strong
Coz patience is the key
And hardwork you see
I didnt want to try
All i did was cry
Wht fear did I have?
Of failure
But can anyone conjure
Success as it is?
I finally locked the fears
made them disappear
Now i will persevere
Not matter what
I will adhere
I will succeed
Coz new day is here


2 thoughts on “Second post of the new year!

  1. u knw even if the whole world goes against u tho that will never happen but wateva ill always be dere for my di!! even wen m old and i have false teeth i’ll atill be dere for u and if i die i’ll become a ghost and hover around u so that no1 tries to harm u!!

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