suicide or????

Imagine .. imagine a woman on the cliff… strong gust of air blows her hair helter skelter… she is all in black.. her apparel… flying on the air like a flag… and you are on the beach.. you cant see her face or anything abt her.. but her profile.. as the sun falls on her face… she seems ready to fly.. n would fly at any moment now 🙂

What do you think passes thru her mind? Is she waiting for her lover? brother father husband?? Is she saying good bye? They/he left her behind to take care of hearth while he/they fish and fight the sea monster?

Or is she grieving for ppl lost? Is she celebrating life being one with the nature? You know not.. but she attracts you.. Why ?

Why a silhouette on the cliff should attract you so much that you climb the hill in the afternoon heat??

But it does and you do.. as soon as you reach the cliff.. she is still standing there.. does she hears you coming? prolly she did but she never reacted! why is she so tangibly mysterious.. you go stand besides her.. she doesnt even deem to spare you a glance….

May be she is lost in her dreams/memories.. what are you doing there???

Erm you notice her delicate face.. face that shows intelligence, grief, happiness and yet smooth and innocently youthful.. but gives impression of being weathered.. a face that has been ravaged by time and yet has come unscathed.. a bundle of contradiction.. how do you know???

You read it in her face! but then did u really read? or is it what u wanted to see? is it ur illusion? ur perception.. why dont u ask her??

Coz she is un approachable.. so you stand.. looking at her… at the horizon.. its evening now… you have been waiting wid her for 4 hours without uttering a single word!

For the naturally garrulous you this is a big feat!

Its evening now. fishermen are returning. They are waving to ppl on shore.. you look at her to see if she waves any one.. but she doesnt….
You continue looking at the horizon.. u havent yet talked! Then its night. and you are still standing . you feel ridiculous now to have stood with her all morning without saying anything.. just observing her and the sea.. the tide has risen now..

you can hear waves jostling with the rocks.. like screaming in countless orgasms.. You look at her.. seems like a godess on hearth drenched in silver moon light.. all aglow.. you want to touch her to see if she is real but you are afraid.

You dont know what to say.. strange! you dont feel hungry or thirsty.. what made a 78 kg overweight person to climb the steep cliff in the mid afternoon ? Why are you still standing besides this lady without talking without touching her.. why doesnt she react to your presence or go away ?

It was too much for you.. you finally decide to touch her.. you find it funny that you are afraid that she will disappear.. what does it matter??

The moon is shining unblinkingly.. the stars r twinkling.. the sea is whispering.. or is it goading you on?? the waves and the shore… are still copulating… and you touch her…

the first time she looks at you.. you are taken aback. this lady is you./. how could that be.. and then something happens that you never thought will happen.. she starts walking on the air,… towards the sea.. you want to stop her.. but you dont.. you follow her.. where are you going??

no idea…

P.S: 3 days later they get a body of an young woman tossed in the storm….


7 thoughts on “suicide or????

  1. “What made a 78 kg overweight person to climb the steep cliff in the mid afternoon?”

    Hahahahahahahaha…Good one.

    Well,I can’t stay four minutes without talking let alone four hours.

    The post was silly and overly feminine. 😛

  2. You’ve described so well, how people don’t really know themselves, or a part of them, until it stares at them right in the face..

    but I don’t understand, why does she die in the end?

    overall nice article 🙂

  3. Mani… there is no lady.. its her hallucination.. that woman is youg beautiful coz thats how she wants to be.. but she has given up on life.. so much that.. she cant distinguish between real n illusion.. thats y she dies.. coz thats what she wanted to do… quit!

  4. I liked it even though Anurag ranted nonsense ‘cept for it being girly/feminine. I really liked this post.
    It felt like a dream.
    Loved the end. Unexpected.

  5. lovely writing, barring the P.S. ..which unjustifiably makes itself more important & intriguing than the entire post. 🙂

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