Zindagi Rocks….

I normally am not a movie buff… And then talking about a movie is strict no no.. some how the way sucide is handled in this story made me rethink my stance…

I have always been of the opinion that no one has the right to kill themselves or others for that matter..

Some how this story reminds me of a story by robin cook.. as usual i forgot the title…

In that story a mafia don loses eyes and got to wait for the donor.. so his henchmen starts killing the ppl on the waiting list as well as the donors list so that he gets it as early as possible….

In zindagi rocks… sush commits suicide to give her son her heart….

my question is… feelings apart.. both kill for soemthing they want…

So.. is this justified???

May be i am not making sense… blame my feverish mind *sigh*


Humor me please? *winks*

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