Love, pain and trust…

Well I am not gonna talk abt broken heart here.. I believe if you love.. that love is your responsibility.. If the other person leaves you… he/she doesnt break your heart coz it was never theirs..

However I wanna discuss about something very much related to that…”trust”
Most of us love someone enough to open up our heart.. Isn’t it an irony that the people we love the most actually know where to hurt.. We believe that they love us enough to not ever hurt us.. but that doesnt happen… then end up hurting more than anyone.. add to that the hurt of betrayal..

Recently, I read one short story that made me rethink about this..

In this story, there is a happily married couple just going to have a baby.. However, two weeks before the pregnancy, the guy has to go.. he doesnt want to.. but his lovely wife ever conscious of how imp that is to his career asks him to go..

As fate destined, she has complications and the kid is born dead. Since then their life changes for worse… both live like ghosts that were.. they dont care for each other and avoid each other..

Suddenly, the lady responds to the guys overtues and they start talking.. even make love… The guys starts cooking for her.. nearly happy atlast.. he thinks things r working out finally.. its about time they have been this way for more than an year….

Suddenly the female puts a bomb saying shes moving out.. this was the reason she started to communicate.. she was trying to find a way to say good bye….

He is shattered.. and then he tells her something that he had promised himself that he wouldnt ever say…

He told her that he held their dead baby in his arms before they buried it.. he told her how the baby looked.. she wanted it to b a surprise so she dint know if it was a boy or a girl.. he told her.. so that she mourn for the dead baby all over again..

He told her coz she was leaving him.. he wanted her to suffer.. Why this need to hurt the one we love??

Does it change the fact that you love her? If you love someone how can u hurt them knowingly?


Love is such a tricky business!


3 thoughts on “Love, pain and trust…

  1. what u said at the end was right,but then on 2nd thoughts,they were playing this odd game in which they wud reveal secrets,and it was his turn…maybe…or maybe he thought that this truth might make her stay back….whole lot of assumptions there.

  2. yep u r right πŸ™‚

    Well he wanted to make her stay yes.. but she dint want to stay.. y force her change mind??

    she needed time away from him.. he wanted to hurt her.. coz he was hurting…

    Same thing happened to me.. when i broke off.. that guy hurt me by talking shit.. things that i told him 😐 😐

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