Two step behind

No i am not talking about the love song ” two step behind you” Nor am i talking abt when you shud take 2 steps behind you..

I am talking abt me taking 2 steps behind… Somehow i crave for someone who can listen while i talk more so about one who would want to.. For no reason but coz that person likes me…

What dis got to do wid 2 steps behind? *sigh* everything…

However, if someone tries to ask too many questions about me.. i end up giving vague answers.. may be i wud open up later.. that means i open up fully.. i keep yapping n yapping until that person has had enough *lol i guess*

This is not what i wanted to talk about ..

Okay here is the deal… I feel i am taking 2 steps behind in one of my most successful n special relationship… the reasons for that is endless…

There is but only one reason to not do it.. and thousands to do it.. so i find myself moving 2 steps backwards.. ahte myself for that.. but there it is..

I also find that other person moving 2 steps behind.. is that reflection of my action or is it somethign else???

no idea!


Humor me please? *winks*

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