My best friends wedding!

No I am not talking about my best friend.. yes I am gonna talk about the movie.. By far I am not the movie person.. If you ask me about any movie most prolly i wouldnt have seen it.. but this movie..

I have seen like 10-15 times and yet time and again.. I keep seeing it.. from the start till the end.. its not the story that intrigues me.. its the little details in the story that does..

The most amazing part of the story is the characters of the hero n julia roberts.. you got it right! I dont know his name.. who cares Duh!

So… one of the best scenes that I love about this movie is the end… When julia kisses the hero..and he run behind his love.. cameron diaz.. right till the end.. the way julia accepts her crime… The humor with which the hero takes in her misdemeanor..

And the second best part is the last exchange of the two divas… the way julia does her duty as the best friend…

And when they are married n going for honeymoon…. The hero comes back to give the last hug to his best friend.. THAT was the bestest of bestest scene for me.. Coz that shows the love between friends better than anything else… You can forgive ur friend a lot more than u wud ever forgive ur family!

And not the least… the last dance sequence… I will say a lil prayer for you.. the last dance we could say.. it rockxxxxx!!

I wish I had a friend like that.. who would support me the way George does for Juliana.. or Jules [:D]

If you havent seen the movie.. u better see it!!


One thought on “My best friends wedding!

Humor me please? *winks*

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