First day without orkut!!!

After ages of dillydallying I finally deleted my profile.. To tell the truth its not easy..And I didnt get any support from anyone.. 😐 😐

From disbelief that a girl like me can keep away from orkut… to being hurt that I deleted it.. no one seems to understand my need… surprisingly not even my sister… I guess its been a bigger part in my life than I believed coz even my sis was concerned if anyone said anything!


So how do I feel about all this ? I am morose.. yep very morose.. but one fine day I just have to face it.. and I am doing it today.. *sigh* I may have used orkut 100 times today.. Ask my co -workers! LOL!

And the day has not been easy… Yesterday, I logged into orkut even after deleting it.. surprisingly.. I could log on…. I know I got tempted.. but I didnt think overcoming this obsession would be as easy of deleting the profile.. but I know.. am on the right path!!!

So after logging in on orkut.. I deleted the profile again! And the next time when I tried to log in.. I could not! * damn right I tried again!!* Things cant be easy can they ? But I am proud that I deleted it again.. but sad that I couldnt resist it 😦

If things would stop at that *sighs* I made one more profile * I can see your smug expressions* 😦 😦

But deleted it again .. luckily.. I havent tried after that!

Well so at the end of first day… I wasnt really very successful.. but not unsuccessful either I am aghppy with my progress [:)]

P.S: Nishant you may be right.. replacing one with another… I watch TV now 😦 😦 But sooner or later I wil come on right track.. Its not like I would improve in a day!!


One thought on “First day without orkut!!!

  1. Hi Meena…looking like you are putting a tough fight to quit an addiction…I personally know its very tough n irritating since you know what you want is not good for you….but dont let the strength come down.I believe You will do good…best of luck.

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