Chapter 2- Love story – Untitled….

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In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?

These words went through Meera’s mind as she relaxed in her chair in Roxanne’s.. one of the bustling salon in the city! Roxanne was a friend and her personal stylist from her college times… all she has to do is relax.. Roxanne ew what she liked.. Meera was in safe hands.. generally while Roxanne worked on her she would dream sweet innocent dreams.. Roxanne didnt like to be disturbed.. but today Meera couldn’t help but think about Sandy… and of their first meet or lets say their first fight…….

Meera was the newest recruit and was intimidated by the large establishment where no one had time for any one… One week since her joining the company she hardly knew whom to contact when her computer wasnt loading up.. She was struggling to make it start without making it apparent.. but it was not working. Thats when Sandy sauntered in.. She had noticed him before ofcourse! His a-mile-wide smile.. that laugh-with-me-all-of-you-laugh.. so inviting.. her eyes followed him all day through.. hoping to be part of his inner circle hoping to be friends.. He wasn’t very handsome.. but there was this earthiness in him that attracted.. Silky hair that never stayed where it should.. always falling on his face.. that lazy slouch as if he had no care in this world.. and yet she knew.. he was one of the most hardworking guy she has met…..

There is the number for the IT guy” Sandy said, pointing to the stick up note on her cubicle. Meera felt stupid and mumbled a thanks . She couldnt believe how star struck she was! Acting all coy and shy…

You can use my computer while IT guy fixes it. I have a meeting to attend and its free.. I will call Pratik for you..” Sandy continued.

I will wait thank you.

Suit urself. Its there if you like” He said and moved away.

Meera was bored waiting for Pratik, the IT guy, who took his sweet time coming around. Slowly she moved to Sandy’s computer. Simply going through pictures.. checking out the songs and applications and all … thats when she saw a dairy on the desktop.

She deliberated if she should read it or not.. She was curious so she justified by thinking that if he wanted to hide he wont keep it on the desktop surely ? So she opened it… She saw the first poem..

In silence I seek answers
For questions unformed
Is it any wonder
that Silence is all i get ?

She was hooked.. so much emotion.. She felt as if its her life in his words… she couldn’t stop!

As I traverse through the inroads
Of my rambling mind
Noise ..Noise everywhere..It comforts
Voices from forgotten past.. Explodes!
What am I trying to find ?

There I see a door that I avoid
Door that holds all the answers I seek
Yet always am afraid to reach
To open.. afraid to find
What if there is nothing but a teeming void ?

This was the first poem she read.. and she still remembers it.. even after 2 years verbatim.. she remembered.. especially on days when she feels lonely… It was as if he understood her heart.. It was comforting to know.. there is someone who knows what she goes through…even if that person never would like her…..

Voices in my head
Do they ever dread
Silence… unreachable

In some corner of my heart
hidden under many layers
A lost child.. Some dreams thwarted…

” What do you think you are doing ?” Roxanna wailed.. jerking Meera to reality! ” I have to do this all over again. Can’t you sit still ? First of all you take no appointment and then you have a deadline of few hours and then you dont even co operate! How could you do this to me?

Roxanne took her job seriously and chastened Meera kept still by the time roxanne was done. She knew Roxanne will do a spectacular job whether she co operated or not. But she knew its not good to irritate Roxanne. If she had time she would have teased she had done many a times before.. but she didn’t have time so she settled back again. Soon she was back to that day when someone else said the same words..

What do you think you are doing ?” A cold voice said in almost whisper.

You scared me!” Meera said taken aback.

Hey I read your poems. They are simply amazing! Wow! Can I read more of your works please ? I know I shouldnt have but am so glad I did it! You are too good!” Meera gushed with her compliments. She kept talking as he kept becoming more livid by the moment.

After few moments she realized he is not as amused as she is and became silent. Then he said ” What makes you think I wanted you to read my PERSONAL diary?

But it was on the desktop

Yes.. it was on my desktop… I asked you to use my computer not read my diary.. Can’t you understand what diary means?

Look I am really sorry if you didnt like to share your poems. Please forgive me. I didnt mean to pry

Why don’t you stuff your sorry and return to your desk gal ? Looks like your comp is fixed. ” He said offhandedly.. The more she apologized the more rude he became.. atlast he said.. will you go please? I have work to do!

Meera was never as insulted as that!. She was wrong but not so much as to create this big scene.. She hated him since that day.. and like beetle in the bottle.. he has been bugging her ever since! Talk about keeping grudges.. he is like heights!

Since that day Meera decided to give back all she gets.. somehow they both have started liking this sparring.. the only thing Meera didn’t understand is how he can be so sweet to everyone.. but her.. those first few days.. she expected to feel lonely.. Surprisingly many people sympathized with her and became her friends… Esp Rhea…she was like ” What the hell! He keeps boring us with his poems.. and when finally someone is genuinely praising him.. He is a weirdo” This brought a smile on her face.. Coz rhea was her bestest friend in the world.. her twin soul.. her soul buddy.. all the adjectives in the world were less to describe Rhea.. Mama bear.. comedienne sweetheart.. everything coupled in one big package.. Rhea was beautiful and had a busy social life.. she tried hooking up Meera countless times.. Life was synonymous with fun for Rhea.. She knew Rhea would be shocked out of daylights to see her with Sandy.. thinking about that lifted Meera’s spirits like hell.. It wont be a bad evening after all..

Meera thanked Roxanne.. she was distracted and Roxanne was miffed. Meera knew she has to make amends for her behavior.. Saying sorry in the thoughts she rushed home …

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