My Tv watching habits

I have been wanting to write abt this from ages.. but u see writing abut something you dont even like is kinda hard thing to do… Today am bored enough to bother to do it!

Well when i was a kid.. my dad kinda wouldnt allow us to watch much TV… so well it had this forbidden pleasure kinda attraction.. whenever we could.. we would be in front of th TV.. even if was just DD that we watched… We never had cable until most people already had it.. Like somewhere around 2005 .. yeah u heard it right… In between the TV crashed and dad said eh wont repair it.. n we shud one when we can afford it.. so from roughly.. 1999 till 2005 we never ever watched TV.. Yeah! no wonder I am not addicted to it….

Well since the TV came.. we had this novelty attack wherein we would watch it like crazy.. nowadays its reduced to the time when we have food.. or when my sister is on computer and I have to wait…

However, things have changed.. I have deleted my orkut profile.. and… got too much time on me.. thats y I keep watching Tv… my fav channels are.. travel n living and disnep 🙂

In between I keep scanning and watch movies and et al…

Also, nowadays I watch NDTV imagine.. its got good stuff.. yet i know it wouldnt remain so as soon as its TRP increases… isnt it sad ?


Humor me please? *winks*

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