Many a times it happens that you think you know everything about a person or lets be specific and say your friends.. but you realize there is so much going on of which you have no idea at all.. and then when you come to know you feel betrayed..

I wonder why is that.. I mean.. its their choice to confide or not then.. why do I expect to be a know it all ?

Is it the habit that.. I have been a secret confidante for long.. or is it because i feel close only when they confide in me?….

Many a times I hve wondered why is it that I get into friendship where I am the one who listens.. and most often then not.. I dont open up unless the limit has been crossed and I cant keep it inside..

Is it coz the other party is not interested in what i share.. or may b I am used to not opening up…

My point is am feeling betrayed for something that is none of my business.. why??

Lately this is a question I am asking myself a lot.. why? answers…

So after all I am not miss know it all….


6 thoughts on “Know-it-all

  1. Thaz rite.. im not a miss knw-it-all.. 😦

    identified soo much wid it…

    anyway *looks around is shes the first one to comment*

  2. Well no1 is miss./mr. know it all in every relationship there is a giver and a taker and from time to time the roles reverse but in some cases they dont maybe coz of the other persons lack of confidence in himself/herself or the fact the other one is so mcaught up in it all he/she forgets that u have feelings too.its human nature and u cant change it u need to live with it…

  3. Yes…It happens !!!
    Kya karein??? And until the whole issue is solved there lies a guilty feeling kin of thing !!!

  4. Dont worry meena. It always happens. your just looking at it in a relative way. You already are in relationships where you are the opposite person, you just dont realise that because you are such a great person to listen to dwell too much on it. you will lose the gem inside you.

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