125 yay!!!

Oh yeah! My Song Of my Life blog has reached upto 125 posts! and all original work by me yay!!

I can finally call myself a poetess… this calls for a celebration!!!

An abrasive thought though…..

This blog reached 180 posts now.. wud that make me a writer???

besides why no celebration for this one??



I never realized until today 😀 😀


7 thoughts on “125 yay!!!

  1. 125 posts?!?! You’re kidding me, RIGHT?!

    You’re not a writer, and MOST ASSUREDLY NOT a poetess.

    Got it, Meena?

    Good. Pick yourself up and keep going… I know you, you can do better.

    You have to reach 127 to be considered a TRUE poetess. Then, I’ll stop by and cork the champagne.

  2. Got it.

    Feeling a little catawampus, are we? Or, maybe you meant – catawompus? (everybody else: look it up)

    See you on poem 127. Start writing…

    I’m waiting…

    — Catatonic Me

    P.S. Thanks to Meena, I have +2 to my vocabulary score today!

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