Just something…

Ah back again to the days of meaningless names and even more meaningless posts.. erm.. erm..

Well I wondered.. like sometimes when you read through a book you feel ah! thats exactly how i think or how i do…

Do you ever feel that?

I do.. a lot of time… like now…. I was reading Blind Assassin the lady says that we mould our moms like we want them to be… we dont give them a chance to b humans… how true isnt it?

I will quote it in actuality later for now just rough draft..

Erm i shud stop,… am rambling… I so want to smoke.. since few days the temptation has been insistent… not that am regular smoker or anything… but somedays I really want to do it desperately


One thought on “Just something…

  1. ummm… mould our moms??
    gosh…i never realized that…but yeah i do feel it sometimes winnie…!

    u ramble well too…will read ur stories when i am fully awake… want to do it justice…! not that i am not serious with this of course…!

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