That thing called love…..

This story is special.. Coz this is the first one from the diva duo! yes… like our poetically ours. blog we plan to write stories on same theme.. this happened when I was telling story to Neeru and she wanted a different end… so I asked her to write it… do visit here…..
(once upon a dream)

“Why don’t we go out on a date?”, Dhruv asked lazily. They were sitting in their usual haunt. “The sunny side ville”.

Lavanya was surprised. It was not like him to ask. He never gave her a time of the day usually.. other than ofcourse when a girl dumps him and that to doesn’t happen often..

” You mean you don’t have date for this weekend.” She smiled at him

” Don’t be stupid. Why cant I ask you out? I go out with friends and I don’t have any steady relationship.. you know how I am… It just struck me that we have never gone out on a date though we hang out so much.. so I asked thats it!”

” Ah someone is touchy… “

” Besides, I do have a date. or rather I will if I ask her.. but I asked you instead”, he said feeling totally ridiculous.

Lavanya couldn’t help but smile.. complete kiddo thats what he is.. no wonder she loves him so…

” I would love to come….”

” Great then its done.. this Saturday “

” Wait… Am going with Kashyap”

” You go with him all the time.. I am sure he wont mind this time”

Turning to Kashyap, ” will you mind?”

Kashyap minded it.. big time.. but when he looked towards Lavanya she looked so expectant…. her wide eyes filled with suppressed excitement.. and joy.. he couldn’t say no.. he knew this is what she wanted.. ” Ofcourse I wont.. shes all yours”

She mouthed thank you to him. He was always there when she needed him.. for everything… she wished Dhruv was like that… *sigh* she knows.. Dhruv has to grow up.. but until then she was happy.. finally Dhruv noticed her as a “date”… It has to be different.. and It will be.. he has to realize how good she is for him.. she will make it so special.. that Dhruv wont have time to think…

” You are making a mistake you know… you will be miserable without me” he teased.

” Kashyap!”, she hugged him. ” Thank you so much! He asked me! can you believe that? Finally.. after all those stupid bitches he hung around with.. he asked me!”

” he dropped his potential date… wowie!”

Kashyap didn’t know what to say.. he didn’t want her to raise hope.. he didn’t her want to suffer.. He wished .. he could make her as happy.. but he knew.. the happiness that one glance from Dhruv can give her.. his devoted attention cannot give in a lifetime… such is love…

” I hope you are all prepared to dazzle him! All secret rituals you girls do for it all done? Not that I see any difference.. you are always beautiful to me… but he might…”

” Oww dear! I have thousand things to do! a new dress to buy”
” Obviously!”
“I wish Kashyap”, she said seriously, ” that I could love you. you are so good to me.. but…”
” But matters of heart never follow logic.. I know! now scoot and prepare for your special night!”

She gave him a big bear hug. His heart was breaking into thousand little pieces but his smile never faltered…

” I am scared! Can you believe it?”
“Scared of what?”
“Of being alone with him.. having all his attention… You know! I dreamt of it for so long that I don’t believe its for real.. am afraid it will be jinxed!”

” You will do gr8 honey! u just have to and will… your heart will guide you… besides.. he has to be scared.. after all a night with a vixen doesn’t happen often!” he grinned.

“You will b there in the party right?”

“Couldn’t miss it for anything.. its your night of shining glory.. how can I not be there?”
She hugs him again…

” Now scoot” he says playfully….

All day was a swirl of activity… He better appreciate it.. Lavanya thought every time the parlor lady plucked hair from her legs….. I wonder if he knows how much effort I am putting… Rosy dreams and over bright eyes.. sparkling like diamonds… The clock struck just about 6 when she got a call…

“Hey baby!”
“Hi Dhruv! You shouldn’t disturb me now.. I am busy with getting ready!”
“Uff girls!” he said rolling his eyes.. ” when will you guys learn that men don’t look above the chest.. not mostly… and only if the breast is not worth looking at all and rest of it is hidden under the table”

” yuck! you and your crude jokes Dhruv!”

” ha ha ha… Achcha listen am tied up a bit.. Can you directly come to the hotel? 8:00 pm sharp?”

There went her fondest fantasy.. she hoped he would come.. would b so mesmerized that they would end up making endless love on the couch forgetting all about the dance.. alas it was not to be…

She was reminded of the Rain dance.. her first dance to be.. she was so looking forward to it! All night she waited for him.. he said he will… but he didnt.. he had found a better date.. he figured she would get the idea and turn up anyways! So many guys wanted to take her.. someone will in the end! But he didnt understand she didnt want anyone! just him! and then too she remembered… Kashyap had wanted to take her… she said she will wait for Dhruv! how can she forget that night? He stood there in rain.. by the tree.. waiting with her.. all night.. but Dhruv never came… how can she forget?

her first kiss….. delicate and tender in rain.. as his lips drank all her tears.. mingled with rain! no questions asked.. not reasons… none given.. a touch in eternity and yet a touch.. unacknowledged.. Only it wasn’t Dhruv who shared this moment.. it was Kashyap…. how she wished it would have been Dhruv! but deep in her heart she knew.. it would never be this perfect.. if it would have been Dhruv.. she knew it..

How stupid of me! It wont b like old time! This time Dhruv chose to be with me.. I didnt ask him or expect it! *sigh*

Soon it was the “special day”… and Lavanya was all ready…. she left for the venue.. she knew she would be early.. but she wanted to meet Kashyap before she met Dhruv.. they were to meet by
the steps of President Hotel where the ball was scheduled….

Kashyap was waiting when she reached looking all bronze.. tall dark and handsome… Lavanya wondered what made her not love him?

Then her heart said.. coz I love Dhruv!
And then with a spring in her gait Lavanya went to meet Kashyap..

When he saw Lavanya, Kashyap couldn’t help but drop his jaw! She is so beautiful.. like a moon goddess… He was sure that he did the right thing….Dhruv better take a good care of her he thought fiercely

“wow girl! you look amazing.. is it love? ” he teased
” It definitely is she said laughingly”

All one hour they had together, Lavanya could not help but talk about Dhruv… And finally it was time to meet Dhruv… he was glad of it… if he heard Dhruv one more time his brains would burst!

While waiting, Kashyap could not but remember that magical summer night… A night like this… smokey.. and Lavanya, like a wild flower in some rain forest… glowed in exotic color and the wild fragrance… and that kiss….. magical… Many a times he thought it must be a dream.. coz they never talked about it.. its been 12 years.. and yet today… he saw the truth in her eyes.. he knew she remembered too… He cannot let her go! he just cannot!”

It was 8:30… she was scared it will happen again now.. and that too publicly! She cannot stand that! she was scared!

” I will find him”. Kashyap said.
“Please don’t leave! I cant face it alone! please” Lavanya said with tears in her eyes…
” I promise! I will come back and I will find him.. dont worry dear”
“Okay”, she said while her heart lurched….

I will kill him! I will kill him Kashyap thought… How dare he hurt my girl? how could he? I am gonna find him for her..
come what may!

She waited there till 10 in the night.. Dhruv never came.. everyone was having fun.. once again she was left alone… Kashyap didn’t return too…

She was about to leave for home when he came….
The bronze god.. yes once again.. Kashyap was here.. she didnt care who saw she hugged him on the pavement and they danced slowly… in tune with the song …”Love is blue”

I can sing a rainbow, I can sing a rainbow too

Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world now I’m without you
Grey, oh grey, my life is grey
Cold in my heart since you… – since you went away
Oh-oh-oh yeah-eah

I can sing a rainbow, I can sing a rainbow-ow
I can sing a rainbow

They reached her home.. There was a voice mail…

Lavanya!Pick up the damn phone! where are you? I even called you at the hotel they said you didn’t come in.. and you are not even picking up the phone! See I cannot make it to the ball.. a friend.. someone I really love needs me… I know i didnt tell u before… she is married and all… can you believe? amidst all the beautiful single women… when u were around… I fell for her! she is alcoholic .. has an abusive husband and 2 kids… and she doesnt love me … what can I say.. sorry! will talk to you later! i gotta go! I know you will understand…

Lavanya had had it! she was totally broken! But the pain in Kashyap’s heart.. no one will ever know… they spent the night nursing their hearts … the best way possible.. they made love…

That was the last time Lavanya heard from Dhruv. He was killed that night with his lover.. The abusive husband was nabbed and was hanged…

This secret will go the grave with him.. Kashyap decided… when he saw them together in bed.. he went crazy… all for love he said all for love as he kissed her rosy bud lips…

All for love…


7 thoughts on “That thing called love…..

  1. nice one.. i thought the end didnt do justice to the stroy till i came to teh last one… brilliant πŸ™‚ at many places, the story really touched me…

  2. πŸ™‚

    the way you’ve described their emotions, is just b-e-a-u-tiful… The reader can actually feel ’em!

    Happy Writing πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, neat, written very well. kept me glued till the end.
    But at the risk of sounding dumb, what secret is Kashyap hiding?

  4. Kashyap goes to search for Dhruv,… he sees him in bed with his lover.. erm the girl mentioned in the voice mail.. but ofcourse he didnt know…

    So when he feels that his love is wronged so he kills them both.. but the husband of the lover gal is nabbed and he is safe..

    And kashyap thinks that this secret he will take it to his grave πŸ™‚

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