Chapter 4- a love story untitled

“What the hell was that?”, she asked surprised.

“what was what?”. he asked shortly.. as if telling don’t ask.. there was this controlled fury in his eyes. she wondered why…. but keeps quiet.

Soon they reach her house. Very soon it seemed. she waits for him to stop… but he doesn’t. he keeps driving faster.

“What the hell are you doing? My flat is left behind”, she asks with concern.. for not just herself.
He stops the car. puts his head on the steer. “I am sorry.” he says not looking at her.. ” But can you spend some time with me tonight?” he asked between the teeth.. as if forcing them out

” What??” she asked.. imagining them together in bed…

” I mean not at my place.. we can go to the beach and talk”

” I can’t be alone tonight! I want someone”

he wants someone not me in particular.. not to his place….

She said yes. ” I know what you mean.. though I dunno why.. I will stay…” She said with a smile

” I suppose you need reasons?” he asked feeling better already.. he didn’t want to be alone in an empty flat thinking about it all the time. He knew he will get drunk and do something stupid… besides that empty flat kinda haunted him.. esp on days like today…

“Not if you don’t want to tell”, she smiled at him reassuringly.
“There is nothing much to tell actually.. If you don’t mind… I would like to go to the beach first. we can talk there.. I kinda love the sea.. do you ?”

“Me too” she said shyly, though she didn’t know why she did so.

She was so unobtrusive. If it was some other girl she would have tried to pry out the details.. if not would have smothered him under her mothering instincts. Somehow she knew just what was right for him.. he liked her very much at this moment… very much so.. suddenly, he didn’t want to be with her alone in the night..

“How insensitive of me! You must be really tired. Forgive me! I will drop you home” he said as he turned the car.

“Should have felt these pangs before we reached the shore. Now forget it I wanna stay around for sometime!”

She wasn’t looking at him… she was looking at the sea ..seemed genuinely happy!

“Damn! I stay so near to the beach but i never visit! thank you for bringing me here! I had forgotten how wonderful I feel….”

She removed her sandals put it inside the car and started walking on the sand.. then smelt the fresh air full of faint wooden smoke and some exotic fragrance of forgotten flowers

Sandy couldn’t take his eyes off her.. like some water fairy she moved in water.. frolicking all alone.. she turned into a lil kid.. the usually clam and collected woman suddenly turned into a small kid! he so wished he had a camera… Damn! she would photograph beautifully!

And then she turned and invited him over.. she was all woman then… her naughty eyes invited.. her wet lips quivered… She drives me crazy! Sandy thought!.. But what a hell of a ride! Soon he joined her… his worries forgotten..

“That was fun!” Meera said. She hadn’t enjoyed so much since a long time

Yes it was he said smiling onto her as he crashed besides her….. “Feels wonderful”

for sometime both sat quietly listening to the sound of the sea…. they never knew who made the first move or how.. soon they were holding hands… eyes not looking at each other and yet hands saying things that mind refused to acknowledge and eyes refused to reflect….. The silence suddenly was too heavy.. with pent up desires and emotions. heady emotions that was slowly casting a spell on them… spell of intimacy that was more drunken than the wine that they had in the evening…

“So what happened in the party tonight?” she asked just to break this tension..

“Nothing much and a lot too.. depends on what you want to see”

“Tell me what you see”

“Alright! I guess you know about ‘Ad’ “

“No I don’t! you tell me!”

“Okay… We were what you can call ‘langotiya yaar’ Childhood friends… we were together always.. and then well I dunno how to say..”

He spilled out the whole story.. Meera couldn’t help but see how hurt he was.. somehow this made him even more special for her… here is a guy who is sensitive and he doesn’t think I am any less than him just coz I am a woman God! I am falling in love!

Sandy and Ad were friends from childhood.. diverse in personality and yet the bond was too deep to ever break or so they thought. They did everything together.. from school to college to work place… they were together.. Both good at studies both handsome with pick of girls they wanted… It was never an issue.. they liked different kind of girls…

Things always would have been beautiful.. if it wasn’t for the onsite promotion.. Both had got the opportunity however, Sandy had to stay back to take care of his mom.. Not wanting to spoil his friends happiness, coz there was a swirl of parties going around, he doesn’t tell him. And yet, he expects Ad to drop by when he comes to know about the illness but Ad never does. This strains their relation.. and they never contact each other after that..

seemingly a small issue.. however, when proud hearts hurt, even small crack is enough to topple it.. and their ego won’t let it to mend…

Meera decides, she will clear this misunderstanding.. really they are being bull headed and she says as much to him

“You are too optimistic Meera. I have always noticed it”
“So you notice me.. and that too always.. interesting” ‘ Omigawd! I am flirting.. is this me? where did this come from

“Ha ha ha… I notice you a lot honey.. else how can I pick at you ?”, he replied. Pleasantly surprised that she dropped the topic so quickly..

“So what else did you notice about me?” Meera asks, laughingly at him

She was flirting! How the hell did this happen? Damn now he has to kiss her.. he just has to taste her lips… the night the sea and she.. her scent thats uniquely hers which he already learnt to identify.. was affecting him.. he just had to kiss her…

“Hello?” she asked when he didnt reply. He took her face in his hands.. came close enough for her to hear his heart beat.. n to feel his hot breath… he looked into her eyes.. he saw fear.. ‘Good! I am afraid too so are you but this is bigger than us‘ he thought…

He kept looking at her face.. it was making her uncomfortable.. not that she didn’t like it.. she did.. but the proximity with him was making her go week in her knees.. she wanted to lie down.. atleast sit…

He said, touching her hair whorl that was on her face.. “I like your silken strands.. esp when they cover your face… reminds me of night in the day . I love your eyes they are so eloquent so many emotions it expresses.. and I love your smile.. it lights up the whole world.. how can you smile from the heart ? So giving without any rancor? And I love your anger… the spitting words the way you keep your hands on the desk.. tapping it lightly unconsciously while you are thinking or the way your eyes become dreamy sometimes.. I wonder if you think of me.. “

Meera was lost in his words.. she never knew who made the first move.. but their lips touched and it was like the whole world not fit just right .. as if she had reached where she wanted.. which was perfectly stupid ofcourse! this guy might have kissed many girls and might have said the same thing to all of them

Somehow everything paled suddenly… she didnt know what to do and then he kissed her again.. this time it wasn’t tentative.. and it was surely kiss of life.. Meera knew now.. it doesnt matter if he had kissed other girls.. this kiss was her due… coz it was just right thing to do simply.. she let go of her inhibitions and let her emotions go wild .. for she knew now.. that she loved this man.. and for always will whether he does or not… she always will..

And then he said..”And I love your soft rosy bud lips.. for days I thought how it would feel to kiss them.. it feels just perfect”

She smiled right back at him and they kissed again…..


4 thoughts on “Chapter 4- a love story untitled

  1. Hauntingly Addictive 🙂

    I’ve not been able to leave the blog link since yesterday, would wait for the next chapter.

    – Abhee

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