Well I don’t think that is the right word but what the heck.. let me start with that.. How many times during the day you look in the mirror? once , twice?? hmm? What if I say that there are days together when I dont see my reflection at all.. esp on week offs when I don’t go out.. and if i dont consider that.. I still average at once a day..

Why is it that I have such allergy of seeing my reflection? doesnt make sense.. what am I afraid to see?

My reflection ?


10 thoughts on “Afraid

  1. this post had me stumped – couldnt think of any relevent comment… will b bk if i get any relevent comment…
    only thing comes to my mind is, it seems to b strange – that u dont look at all into the mirror.

    if u r afraid of ur reflection, will u try to run and hide from you? when one is afraid of ones own reflection, wht will he / she do – other than running away? nah, i am not making any sense…
    will b bk if i can make any sense…

  2. I avg at once a day.. and when I am not going out.. I dont bother to comb.. or else.. I do it without seeing in the mirror… am used to it now..

    does it seem freaky? :O

  3. no.o not freaky but definitely weird:-P..
    well…look at me. I’m not the mirror looking sorts but I definitely look into it whiole combing my hair….which is atleast twice:-P

Humor me please? *winks*

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