No name

“But I thought you are lying!”, he said.

“Even after I told you I never lie and hate liars?”, she retorted.

“Who believes that anymore?”

She was stunned. Didn’t know what to say anymore……


Some times in life we think we are so worldly wise so infinitely in control of our life and more importantly, our emotions. We think nothing will ever faze us ever. And yet smart-ass of a life.. has a quirky sense of humor. It has amazing way of impugning you of all your delusions…. A lesson you never forget…

‘ Innocence lost’ is such an quaint term.. immediately, it paints a picture of a Victorian lady.. losing virginity to the devil of a man.. with no morals.. But dont you think.. the very fact that in this world of man vultures a lady remained a virgin shows how worldly wise she is ? Don’t you think its a pointer to her intelligence ? Or might be.. she is just too undesirable?

You might not agree.. but she thought so. She.. the heroine of this story… Little over 22.. of wheatish complexion and shoulder length.. she has been told countless times.. she has a beautiful eyes and kissable lips.. if you talk to her long enough she would let you know.. not without a blush that reaches right to her toes. And yet she found it hard to believe.. The reflection on her daily mirror seems to reflect something else.. She thought she was exceedingly normal.. not ugly.. just nondescript. She worked in a call center.. A shift to new place and night shift.. left her with no time for socializing.. besides she was not that good a people’s person.. inherent shyness belied with arrogant demeanor.. an amazing cover indeed.. yet made it hard for others to reach out.. if they did.. they do realize what a pussy she is.. In this new city with strange language.. she was lonely… until he happened.. hero or villain?? we will come to know by and by…

They both worked for same process but with different companies… He was an escalation specialist and she a newbie.. or rather a level 1 support. He had come across her email Id in an escalation case that he worked on.. one that she had escalated. He was surprised by the amazing case detailing done before escalation.. esp by someone so inexperienced.. or so he said. She was delighted ofcourse..

It was but natural that she asked help from him.. in general looked upto him… Soon enough they started chatting about things that didnt relate to work.. and few weeks later they moved to telephonic conversation.. chats seemed too slow too impersonal.. They discussed everything under the sun…no reservations whatsoever. She was happy to have met a friend albeit online.. however she could talk to him about her cases.. he advised her corrected her… and she discussed about personal life.. she felt blessed.. He never seemed to be bored.. he said he loved her voice… If that felt a tad flirtatious a tad pretentious she didnt notice…

On her birthday he sent her a box full of chocolates a wristwatch and a sweet greeting card.. They ddin’t live in same city so he had sent it through post… She was shocked.. after all they hardly knew each other for an month.. It is true she was very close to him and trusted him.. but this was too personal for her… But how could she not accept ? The note in the greeting was soo sweet and he apologized.. so sadly.. The wristwatch was just soo beautiful.. every one in office admired it.. and Ah chocolates.. her only weakness! She thanked him sweetly and he promised never to repeat his stupidity… Ah such a charming guy! So romantic!

They wanted to meet each other.. but ofcourse it was not easy.. being in different cities but how he longed to.. he would say always. She was not sure if she would like that.. That didnt stop her from chatting to him on phone for 4 hours everyday.. he called her twice a day and she would alteast once… She would tell him ‘ You might not like me when you meet me

‘What nonsense!‘ he would retort.. every time.. delighting her heart.. how much.. he didn’t know….

She had been forthright with him from the start.. “ I hope you are not in for some girl friend and all.. I am not that material.. I am fat.. very fat..” She had said very seriously.

It doesn’t matter.‘ he had said gently. ‘ I am in for only friendship’. She had believed him. How can she not? He was so sincere!


‘Send me you pic‘ He had asked umpteenth time.

Why should it matter to you ?’ She asked playfully. She didnt want to send picture to relative stranger.. how much ever she knew him..

You dont trust me? Its been six months‘ He had been hurt. She didn’t know how to tell him about her insecurities.. about well her dreams..

Please understand…‘ We won’t talk much about her feelings.. It should suffice that she had started thinking about ….’them

No! You please understand.. I know I had agreed to just friends! But my feelinsg for you has long past that stage.. ‘ He didn’t say he loved her outright.. and yet left her with an impression that it was indeed so.

She had given in.. She sent her picture. The aftermath was this conversation.

‘ I had told you! So many times! That I am very fat!’

“But I thought you are lying!”, he said.

“Even after I told you I never lie and hate liars?”, she retorted.

“Who believes that anymore?”

Needless to say he never called again!


8 thoughts on “No name

  1. if a guy can chuck a friendship just coz the girl is fat, well, it is better that f’ship did not go well. hell, what is one is l’ll on the plump side? it is not like u have murdered or raped some one.. cant never understand the mindset of ppl who behaves like this.. call me socially challenged, but I am like this.

  2. Well what a wonderful write.
    Now I got to return the compliment…this seems so much like something I experienced on the other side…only that the ending was not like that 🙂
    That guy, if he is for real is a real jerk…he doesnt know wat he is losing

  3. Vinay! Ah you are the first yay!!

    Xh : its just a story.. but i do know similar experiences… I wont call you socially challenged.. ah there would be many plump girls.. who would be so very happy to meet you!!

    historiphile: now I wanna know the other side of the story !! I do agree this happens on both the sides…

  4. well i guess u already knw some part of it…btw coincidentally the other person in my story is also on the plumper side 🙂

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