I wanna pull my hair out!

I am so irritated with my sister now that I wanna pull all my hair out! I just wanna give it up! If only! I just have to deal with it day in day out! I wish sometimes to scream .. cry or just box her senseless! Somehow the feelings never translate into action.. I cant even slap her! or anyone else for that matter!! *sheds angry tears*


12 thoughts on “I wanna pull my hair out!

  1. @anoop.. wudnt mind it 😛

    @nancy! atta girl u made my day with that comment he he he

    I love her too much for that.. just that shes pesky!

    @karthik.. i agree 😀

  2. Ah I did a better thing.. I went shopping 😀 😀

    I cant even think of not living with her.. and her getting married and all..

  3. Lol!

    You have slapped me many many times.

    Although its almost (or exactly?) impossible that you will get another chance to do so 😉

Humor me please? *winks*

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