A tag again.. but i tagged myself! Am like totally listless with no ideas to blog at all.. umm thats not true.. just not in mood i guess.. well whatever.. the post is here!

So this time its all about 5 addictions I have… weird ones.. not to weird ones..

This is one tag i dont have to think at all.. I mean i am a person who gets obsessive about stuff.. then loose interest totally… So here is the list of stuff i have not lost interest in as of yet

1. Chocolates.. i totally dig them.. and i can hog them by kilos.. umm not really .. but hell yeah am addicted

2. T.v and computer.. I have to keep them turned on.. both of them.. The computer never shuts down.,. unless ofcourse there is power cut :).. even if i am not watching it or using comp.. i myt be reading a book.. but both remains turned ON..

3. When I wake up.. I have to turn ON the computer.. open orkut.. though I dont reply to scraps at all… and open blogger /gmail etc.. before even brushing teeth!

4. When I buy a new book.. I just have to read it.. it starts from the moment I buy.. it takes all my strength of will to not open it… yup addicted to it

5. Did i say addicted to internet ?? messengers/blogging/orkut.. i do it all 😀 😀

I leave it an open tag 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. umm what do you call being online on orkut for 16 hrs? 😀 😀

    Was.. once upon a time.. now though i am logged in.. am not that active 🙂

  2. yeah, i know abt chocolates, net and books 😛

    the first thing i do whn i reach home is to switch on the light and comp 😉

  3. we definitely have to meet…
    v r like long lost siblings or something i think…bcoz ur addictions are a mirror image of mine… i have some more but ur list, all r same pinch…!! 🙂

  4. #1. Me too….paid the price by putting on weight
    #2. Comp..yes. Tv….not always.
    #3. Hmmm I’m not so bad as u
    #4. Ohhhh yes….I’m like tht too…tho I dont read a lot of books nowdays
    #5. 😦
    anyways…take heart from the fact that ur addictions are not so weird as u thk:-P

  5. yay yay!!

    Nancy when u come down to bangalore.. u got to meet me and vinay! name the day and time.. and add one hour more to it 😉

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