Finally we meet :)

It is always a pleasure to meet someone who understands that tardiness is not a bad habit… Its a way of life 🙂
Figure this! We were supposed to meet at 5 pm… by 1 i guess he asked to postpone it to 6.. ( If he didnt ask also.. I would have been as late anyways!) So well ofcourse I agreed to it…
By 5:45 I smsed saying I will be late by 15 min.. for which I got a rejoinder “me too” lets postpone it to 6:30 pm..

Ah it felt like someone next to my heart ? Whats the phrase? i forgot… anyways someone who understands tardiness!! like me!!

Anyways.. we finally met by 7:00 pm after a couple of misses.. and confusion! And was it fun ??

You bet! Esp the box of bitter chocolate! I love them!!

So there we were.. strangers meeting for the first time… umm cant say strangers.. we have been corresponding on and off for nearly an year.. we wrote a poem in collaboration! We gelled right from the start! No awkwardness.. I didnt expect that! So it was fun.. We discussed music..blogging.. poetries.. books.. and loads of other stuff.. were never at loss for words!

Besides.. the time flew! I never realized when it was 10: 20 pm! I had office at 10 :00 :O :O

A friend called.. thats when we realized it! He took my autograph! Isnt that sweet ??

Ah I wish I had sense to take his picture! or ours together may be! Stupid us!

Anyways I talk more than him!! We had a bet on that!

All in all.. Uddy I hope we meet again.. soon enough.. am sure we will.. seeing that you would live so near to my office 🙂 🙂

P.S: The pic is of filter coffee coz i made him drink that for the first time 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Finally we meet :)

  1. ahhh…you’re turning online friendships into real world ones!!!

    makes me smile and remember the times when i’ve done the same 🙂

  2. u r lucky it went off well….may a time it happens tht u r gr8 friends online but when u meet u dont have anything to say:-)

  3. @ anoop feeling jaded coz you have to wait all the time hmm? 😉

    @kris.. have done before .. and think would continue doing so.. when one connects.. online friendship no longer seems enuf no ?

    @prats.. u never asked meanie.. I told u am going to boca wid a friend.. u never asked who.. *broken hearted*

    @nancy.. got to say.. have been lucky in this case.. always jelled with the ppl i met 🙂

  4. great that it went off well..somehow, i can talk a lot with someone who i meet everyday..ppl who i havent met since ages, i end up in a confusion as to what to talk

  5. ah that coffee looks delicious…methinks it is exactly as strong and frothy as i want..hmm how can i lay my hands on it

    btw..did i miss any point 😛

  6. @scribler thats true for every one i guess.. but u do have small talks that breaks the ice 🙂

    @ karthik.. i know i posted it to tempt everyone out here 😀

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