A view from my terrace

Early in the morning when I returned from office around 6 :30 a.m . Take from my mobile camera… I just love clouds! Don’t you ?

A morning of hope,
Of dreams coming true;
Like cottony clouds
Reaching out for sun.
And the birds chirping,
A lively song out loud.
I shall spread a smile,
As bright as the dawn

Prompted at :

P.S: I know too much inspired by the prompts.. may be I should start a prompt blog what say guys ? 🙂


12 thoughts on “A view from my terrace

  1. Nice pic….just captures the mood of the morning blues.
    When I was younger I use to lie back on the terrace & watch the clouds moving:-))

  2. @anoop started one 😀

    @thankq arija .. umm work as tech supp nyt shift 🙂

    @Luiz Ramos thank you 🙂

    @Agnes me too.. if it wasnt for nyt shift i wud too

    @Scribblers Inc Inca???

    @Diana thankq and keep visiting 🙂

    @nancy.. i still do sometimes.. u shud too 😀 😀

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