Ah there you are! Smelling of wildflowers and summer afternoon. So fresh! So inviting! Resisting the temptation to sink in you,I quickly shed my clothes and reach for the bathrobe.
After a quick shower, I come near. You are so soft! So satiny! Just what I need after a long tiring day. I can feel the tension slipping away!

You feel like a gentle breeze. So cool to touch! Soon you will be warm and all the more alluring. All night wrapped in you. I can dream. Just heavenly!

There is something sensual about freshly washed and sun-dried bed sheet!


8 thoughts on “Sensual!

  1. Oh, totally!
    Clean, crisp sheets are the best.
    I actually own the sheets in that picture (seriously, and mine are black, too). It was an impulse buy, I do not normally buy satin sheets. I gotta tell you, they are so slippery I just about fell out of bed the first night I used them. Also my head kept slipping off the pillows and the sheets themselves were slipping off the bed…. I’ve never used them since but yes, they do look great! 🙂

  2. Ah that sucks! I have used satin sheets too.. but well didnt have a bad experience like u! mine was pale golden in color 🙂

    I like the feel of it.. but soon enuf it becomes too hot.. nothing beats cotton sheets in comfort 🙂

  3. Yes, cotton sheets rule! And for some reason I do like starch in my sheets, I love love love sheets that are crisp. And soft bathrobes and slippers…. a cup of hot green tea…. I am half asleep already.

  4. When mom brings in sun dried clothes, I would be lurking around waiting for her to drop the clothes on the bed and go. Once she leaves, I plonk myself on the freshly washed and warm clothes till she comes around to fold!! That was a childhood thing, but I do it now too (at least whenever I have time) 😀

    Me: Oh me too 😀 😀

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