We have a guest!!

I have invited one of my hostel buddies to blog with me. She is apprehensive of blogging.. so this is a start for her! Let me introduce Preetha Nair!

We have had many fun times… *coughs* not so fun times together! Loads of arguments and some sweet times.. I am looking forward to sparring with her again!

She will give a detailed intro soon enough.. so am just stopping at saying.. something that I wrote for her as a testimonial…

Look at the moon how beautiful it is. With spots and all still.. besides imperfection is art.. is unique The moon’s spots doesn’t deviate us from its beauty.. what else.. it attenuates it.. It is true that moon doesn’t have its own shine.. but it has fired many a poets soul .. has made many a lovers writhe in longing.. Such is this girl! she has the beauty of the moon and the charm that hypnotize everyone she meets.. she touches their life in a way that everyone keep remembering her long after she has moved on.. She sure is special.. There are so many stars in the sky.. but still moon is special.. as it is nearest.. very close to my heart you are sweetheart! And.. your charisma is such that even the sun has to set.. have u ever wondered why there is no moon fall? Sweety.. I am sure you will have your own full moon day … and when it happens.. no one ever can ignore you.. from the layman to the richest of the soul.. everyone would be mesmerized by you. My best wishes are always with you!!!


4 thoughts on “We have a guest!!

  1. wow!! what a testimonial…your writing as usual is impressive, but am really waiting to read something from this wonderful personality.

    Dont worry Preetha, I am sure whatever you will express will be wonderful šŸ™‚

  2. Ah preetha! Dont worry u will ensoi it!

    Karthik.. u commented on my blog Finally šŸ˜‰

    Agnes.. here she is.. doing it for the first time

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