I have always enjoyed hanging out in trios. I never realized how much until recently. I like trios much better than one on one relationship.. May be when you are only 2 of you.. the attention span required is more.. or may be the expectations.. I don’t know what.. but I have always made three way friendship.. be it in my school, college or now outside college..

The best part of being in three way friendship is that you can “bitch” about any of the friends to the other. For you do love the other person.. but a close and long relationship entails lot of complaints.. not serious enough to be told to the person in question but it needs a vent out.. If you have only one “best friend” and you tell it to a third person its a breach in the “bond” but if you have 2 best friends.. complaining to the other one is a better option.. besides.. if it is really serious.. she/he can initiate the conversation in a diplomatic manner .. So its always been really nice..

But the down side is, each one has so many secrets kept from other.. that it might become really tedious to keep up the relation in long run.. unless ofcourse everyone is smart enough to share it 🙂

The best trio relation I ever had.. and it still exists… been nearly 7 years of it, is with my college friends.. Smital and Shraddha. We had an unsaid resolution that we wont have any secrets from the other person.. how much ever trivial it was.. however, we did complain to the other person..

I mean.. if X had an complaint against Y.. she will tell Z.. and its the discretion of Z to let Y know or not.. or when to tell.. X knew ki Y will eventually know.. but the implicit trust she placed on Z helped 🙂

This still happens between us.. for lets face it.. long standing relationship does have a lot of misgivings 🙂

So any one else like me who likes to hang around in trios???


12 thoughts on “Trios

  1. Yup I have and have enjoyed em for a long long time… I have had 2 best pals and the three of us have been pals since we were in diapers… 🙂

    I miss them and their friendship now since we have grown up and moved different ways…!

  2. loool i love trios … but you know whats the worst about trios? if your two other friends begin fighting, like really badly, u’re screwed! big time! so i’ve sort of resorted to hanging out in twos with one ‘fall back’ friend 😛

  3. Thank you Agnes 😀 😀

    Ah rambler.. you don’t know what you are missing 😛 😛

    @curious *sigh* why do ppl have to move emotionally when they move physically?

    @nancy! how true 😀 😀

    @Sneha I know what you mean.. have caught in it so many times.. but well.. I am not comfy with “fall back friend”

  4. hmm…frankly all this is new for me, pretty enlightening post…lots to learn about relationships from u, thanks 🙂

  5. Hey that’s a nice post. Quite a meaningful revelation.
    I’m more comfortable in a, umm, acquaintances-but-not-friends kind of relationship. No one-on-one or trios for me. I don’t know, but I think I don’t trust myself in a trio. Probably because I’m scared of loving the other two a lot and ending up feeling left out and jealous. And in a one-on-one relationship, the expectations are more. Not for me!
    How come we’re the best of friends? 🙂

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