The weekend that was….

This weekend was in parts boring and in parts the best fun I had in a very long long time! It was a long weekend that spanned from Thursday till Saturday.. Sunday being a work day for me.. .. Well after a very boring marriage function… which was preceded by a shopping blitzkrieg.. and I am like 5K poorer *sigh*

But on saturday , I was supposed to meet Karthik by11:00 a.m.. As it happened we both were late. He was late coz I had told him to wait for my call before leaving his place.. Knowing my tardiness (now) I am sure he was glad that I asked him to wait :).. Any ways.. our plan was to go to Cubbon Park .. sit and talk.. then may be check out the museum near by then a leisurely lunch .. and since its easy to be lost .. with my propensity.. it is very likely.. so we decided to meet in front of the science museum nearby.. which was really a nice decision.. for in hurry I forgot my mobile phone home..

Having never met him before and without any way to contact him.. it was really easy to identify him.. I guess it was pure luck eh ?

And then the fun began.. We really had a good time.. we kinda both decided that I really am a good guide.. coz of my consummate know-how.. about anything and everything… especially the way I invented theory when I didnt know anything… We agreed that I make a wonderful guide as well as that I have a fertile imagination 😀 😀 And we will never forget Bernoulli’s principle

Nor can we forget these…

I made him stand in this pose until his hands started aching 😀 😀

Or here.. we kinda scared kids by becoming bears!

I know I look more scary! He doesn’t show up at all 🙂

After spending so much time meaningfully we decided to have some artsy fun and hence checked out the nearby Venkattappa Art Gallery/Museum .. ** I was dying to find someone to go with to that place for so long now.. and finally! **

To be really honest, I was all set to be bored for History and me doesn’t gel well and Karthik is a confirmed historiophile.. But I was in for a surprise! His fascination for it kinda rubbed on me.. and he was like so knowledgeable! I was totally impressed. I know I would have enjoyed it even if he was not there.. but Karthik.. it was more fun with you! With all the little details and stories you told.. I had fun like I haven’t had for a long time now…

Thank you for the lovely time I had 🙂


8 thoughts on “The weekend that was….

  1. it was a rocking time, oh boy it was! and who would say so about a date to a museum 😀

    but that art museum was totally unexpected…u wud rem’ber the way my eyes popped out as if i was erm…..:D and our erm productivity related sartorial discussions 😉

    but the funniest part was ur spinning new theories in physics, electronics and what not. Either I was with the greatest physics professor or the greatest theory spinner. If ever the BPO throws u out, u now know where to go, no need to thank me 😉

    and ur tardiness…i worried so much whether i will meet u at all…thank God we met!

  2. damn, i wish i knew you 6 months ago when i was in b’lote – i was so bored during those days bcos my friend would like sleep all day and we’d go out only after sunset…but not next time haan!!!

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