This n That….

Well somehow I dont seem have mood to blog.. and yet there is so much to tell.. so well.. a small note of updates…

I have been reading a lot of new books lately… and averaging at one book at a time! Yesterday I read a book called as “Years” that reminded me so much of Neeru!

The same impetuousness.. the character was all her to the boot! The way she reacted to the hero.. the way she was… damn I missed her so much!

And today I just completed a book my Victoria Holt called “shivering sands” I love the title! I so want to write a poem on this.. and one of these days I just might.. After writing nearly 1 poem a day for some time now.. I have kinda lost the drive.. words seem not to come through.. or repeat so much that I feel a need for new vocabulary.. and stories seem to be so repetitive that I either lose interest in writing them in half way.. or well they don’t start..

The story “Silent symphony” seem not to offer anything new.. when once it seemed promising.. it was to be about a guy tethering between coma and life.. but as i said words evades me..

More recently.. i got a new idea.. I am planning to name it well… “Real illusions” if I ever complete it ofcourse.. it seems not to start at all

And more insistently.. I wanted to write about a stalker.. but well it also is in pipeline.. *phew*

So there it is…

Lately, the shortel server is having big problems and we are not getting any calls *yippie* so have so much time on me.. I dunno what to do.. am still not in mood to check out new blogs or blog posts or to write new ones..

And yes.. we are yet again gonna shift places.. and all the unpleasantness that entails is bugging me.. Like searching for a new place.. which is like “seeking god” out here and packing and re-organizing et al..

And to top that.. the house owner is all set to make it as unpleasant as possible.. he tends to bring people who shall see the house.. anytime.. without as much as a call or anything.. They expect us to open our house free for inspection whenever they come! Which is like sick.. for mostly I sleep late.. which means not before 3 o’ clk in the morning.. and my sis works night so sleeps in the day… evidently I never wake up before 10-11 a.m.. My shift is presently 2-10 p.m..

So anyways.. the house is a mess most often than not.. for I cook and clean utensils and sis cleans the house.. and makes coffee.. since she is asleep when I wake up.. the house is never clean when the “outsiders” come.. which is really sad 😦

Like today.. I was cutting the veggies when they came.. so I asked them to give me 5 min to sweep and clean a bit.. and ofcourse they waited.. but in a bad grace.. complaining about how much time I took! I mean they didn’t have the politeness to call and come.. and had disrupted my routine and they have the cheek to complain Arrrghh!! Useless people.. anyways.. it wont be for long i guess.. 2 more weeks to go and then.. we would be in the new place.. where I shall get my net connection back!! 2 months without internet was like totally crazy!!!

Esp since I spent more money on telephone bills!

Hmm .. now one more thing.. I totally love suspense and psycho thriller.. I recently read a book by Ann Rule… I mistook her for Ann Rice.. I was looking for thriller.. this was too.. but of a different kind.. it was a real story of a maniac who lived in USA.. and was convicted in 2001..

Ah well.. when the story started it reminded me of one other online friend.. and kinda spooked me.. the saddest part was they had provided pictures of the victim and the maniac and their family.. It kinda “disgusted” me.. umm not the right word.. something like made me revolt.. for you could then put faces to the characters.. but I cant help but be fascinated.. what is it that makes people so complicated.. such complex emotions.. such hate.. ah mind is so amazing no ?


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