Awards bonanzaaaaaaa!!!!

It has been raining awards and all from Sid aka Riversoul I am so overwhelmed by them! And I know not whom to forward it! And yet this time I shall make a list!! For sure!!

So the awards are as follows …….

I love your blog award

I know that most of the people I would award this to would already have it.. so I have created my version of the award 🙂 Ah yes the awarding creativity has rubbed onto me 🙂

So for every left hand side award, I have one on the right hand side yippie!! 😛

So I award this to.. ah the list is long so you might wanna skip it 😉

So this award goes to Agnes , Tys on ice , Neeru , Pratsie , Rambler , Nancy , Janice , Rukhiya, Vinay , Alok , Anoop , Karthik , Impressionist , Usha , AC aka scribbler , Mani meow , Kris , Uddy , Mayz, Hamish , Navin , Bharat , Kieth , Manjeera , Rini , Aki , Meghna , Sunita , Vishal , Ravi , Sunila , Floey and Trailblazer

I wanns specially thank Anoop for introducing me to some of the bloggers in this list 🙂
Ah now the next award 🙂
This Blogger Is Sweet Award

Ah I love the cake!! And I present them to :
Neeru , Nancy, Vishal , Floey , Karthik Sid aka River soul and Ishaan

And the next ….

You have my heart award

I know my awards are all pink pink… Hope you all wouldnt mind it 🙂

This award goes to Neeru, and Vishal

Blogger Buddies Award

This is for all my blogger buddies out here 🙂

I totally love the image I have chosen for this award.. I hope Sid you won’t mind if I use this one instead of the one on the left 🙂

Mayz also awarded me this one! Thank you so much 🙂

Sid also awarded me Proximade award which I have already got so am not posting it here 🙂

And the other awards are…

Winning Attitude Award

Awesome Blog Buddy Award

And Beautiful Butterfly Award

I would like to award “The Winning Attitude Award” and The “Awesome buddy ” to Pratsie, Anoop, Karthik ,Kris, Navin and Neeru 🙂

Further more I would like to award Uddy, Nancy, Mou and Vinay “The Awesome Buddy Award”

I would like to award the beautify award to Mou and Sneha

Thank you Sid once again 🙂 It was a lovely surprise 🙂

Ah and being very selfish I would like to add one more award here 🙂 I would like to call this as ” The Poet” award!!

This one is for Vinay , Sid, neeru , pratsie , karthik , usha , Rini , Manjeera , Rukhiya and all the other poets who make my day with their words 🙂

And in the last I wanna award Jagesh and Oded … “I Speak my mind award”

Would like to pass this to Mani Meow and Trailblazer too 🙂

And finally.. I am done!!!

P.s: I award the Lemonade award to Nancy 😉


10 thoughts on “Awards bonanzaaaaaaa!!!!

  1. Wow, wow….just wow!!!!!

    Congrats…u sure are popular aren’t u!!!!!!

    And so honoured…..thank u…I just love them…will display them soooooooon.

    ummm…..u forgot to award tht lemonade award…ahem…I think its really soooo cute[hint, hint, nudging with the elbow hint]

  2. Wow….Winnie I dont deserve it…u r too kind to lil ole me….so overwhelmed[both my palms coming together to cup my face].

    THANKS!!!!!!! Just don’t tell anyone how I got this award;-P

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