Food and Friends…

Well a thought came up my mind the other day that I planned to blog about.. surprisingly Alok came up with similar thought in the comments of a previous post .. I was pleasantly surprised.. It is about friends and food.. Being a foodie that I am .. it was but natural that I equate food with friends no ?

Well I feel that friends can broadly categorized as Comfort Food, Spicy Food, Health Food and Everyday Food..

1. Comfort Food: Like any self respecting comfort food, these kinda friends makes us feel great in an instant. They listen to our rants and are always there.. but well you can have only as much sympathy.. soon enough you don’t have inclination to talk to them.. you have other spicy friends to talk to to have fun with .. And these are forgotten…

2. Spicy Food : They are the most interesting kind of people you can ever meet. Witty to extreme and flirtatious.. you have swell time talking to them. They tend to linger in your mind long after the conversations ended.. you think of smart repartees that you could have given etc etc until you meet again.. and yet soon you get tired of talking to them.. one can have only as much spice in life.. too much spice well spoils the fun…

And then there are health food.. necessary evil..

3. Health Food : You make these kind of friends mostly on schools, colleges and office atmosphere.. They are the necessary for you.. to help you to listen about your life but in a cursory manner. you don’t rant infront of them about the fight you had with your parents.. but well would talk at length about the vileness of your boss or the deadline of your current project..
By and large, if you stick around for a long time they might fit into comfort food and spicy food mode, however, being health food, they always get back to their original role and hence are by far the most ‘healthiest relation’ you can ever have hence the name…

And then comes the ‘Normal Friend’

4. Normal Friend : As the name suggest these people are normal.. they are the default mode…
Lets say you are busy with your spicy friend.. then your comfort food becomes your normal friend.. which means you can avoid.. forget this friend while the spicy friend is around.. you might also bitch about the spiciness of the dish and genuflect in general.. when you are bored.. and yet when spicy comes around you are nadir.. you don’t care about what that other person is going through or anything beyond the casual know how… unless ofcourse if you are in the ‘comfort food’ mode…

Or lets say you are attached to your comfort food friend right now.. then your ‘spicy friend’ becomes a normal friend.. you might wanna come and talk to this friend once in blue moon.. may be when your comfort food is not available.. but they are too taxing for you to talk for a long time .. so you avoid them as and when you please..

And beyond these 4 categories is one last categories : Parasite..

5. Parasites: These are the people who can be spicy or healthy or comfort food.. and yet one thing that set them apart is the fact that they will always depend on you.. if in a comfort mode, you happen to cling to a parasite.. they will wring you dry and yet never let go.. if you by mistake log onto them for comfort food, they will make sure that you become a parasite on them and thus get into a mutually symbiotic relationship .. If it happens that a spicy food type person is parasitic too, you get the ‘stalker type’ and I need not say more about them.. And the health food kind of parasitic relation by far is symbiotic .. in worst case its your boss who is parasitic on you.. and then you switch jobs …


3 thoughts on “Food and Friends…

  1. most of my friends think of me as comfort + spice, but deep down i’m a parasite who’s looking for comfort and spice himself 😛

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