First post of new year

Ah a little too late won’t you agree? But lots happening and I seem to have only one thought in my mind.. “Ah ! I want to sleep and rest” I mean literally… Yes house shifting is tiring but never have I felt its so tiring as this time.. I guess I have put on a lot more weight than I thought I did..

You know you have to lose weight when your Dad gives you advice on how to lose weight


I seem to have a lot of time to think nowadays.. Well what else can you do when you handle the drudgery of unpacking pray tell me! Besides everyone seem to be busy.. I get less phone calls lately.. so I have been internalizing myself a lot πŸ™‚

Ah well a news ” I get internet connection soon” yay!! by friday.. finally after abstinence since Diwali I get a free hand… umm well I do come online from office but its not the same.. You are going to see a lot more of my posts.. not that I post less now.. yet…

Few more observations…

The harshest words are said in the softest tones

My dad really pissed me off the other day with something really stupid and I blew my top.. here I was working my ass out which I tell you doesn’t happen often .. skipping sleep and my dad comes up with some harebrained ideas that kind of poke at all my healed wounds and make them bleed raw.. and then with a very innocent face he will act all hurt and say something that would make me feel all guilty! Damn!

And.. I finally found my power! Yes I really did.. most of the time.. at home.. I am amiable.. simply coz both my sister and dad are violent people and also are very stubborn.. and they do need some peacemaker no?

So I don’t easily loose my cool.. and if I did I always tend to cry .. and I can cry so easily.. I have even known to shed some crocodile tears.. once upon a time I could will myself to cry.. my mom feared I would become an ‘actress’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ .. well thats a different story all together..

So back to the story… which has not started yet.. how I ramble!

The new house that we have shifted to.. is amazing in every way but one… it is chilly.. the floors are chilly and there are so many windows.. in morning with all the light coming in its heavenly.. however in the night it brings in cold breeze.. So well I went out and bought slippers for everyone to wear it at home.. both my sister and dad kept complaining about the cold but they wouldn’t do anything about it so I went and bought them.. my sister and I have the same shoe size.. and well dad has almost the same size.. so I could buy the exact fit .. A lil fancy for sis and very light and functional for dad..

Ofcourse I expected a pat on the back.. which i didnt get .. on top of it.. no one bothered to use it and they kept complaining…

Ah before we get to the climax… I have to give you guys more back ground information..

I have been walking to and fro from the market which is a good 30 min walk.. ** no i dont walk a lot.. i prefer auto rickshaw** So in the evening in the cold I went out and bought it.. infact on the same night as the key incident..

After a grueling night shift.. I was supposed to stay up and work… however, I couldnt and slept off [ at around 7:00 a.m] so did my sis who also had a night shift.. now suddenly by 1 p.m we both woke up with a start and a lot of pent up guilt that the work was not done.. it was time to lunch and cooking was not started.. so both of us divided the chores and started working…

There is something really satisfying and pleasurable about working for your family no ? And then, when you all sit together to have something cooked by you.. and which has been cooked really well.. can’t explain.. but a feeling of ‘all is good’ steals on you.. Riding on this contentment.. I set the dining table..

Umm most of the time, its self service at home.. we all prefer different timings to have food.. however, as per the new rules that we set for ourselves, breakfast lunch and dinner were to be family affair and more importantly must be had on time.. for we are known to skip them.. esp me.. We generally skeip breakfast as thats when we come home from work and mostly I skip lunch.. so apart from evening snack my only food for the day is dinner wherein I invariably binge..

Anyhow, so I set the dining table and very sweetly asked dad to come to the dining area.. I guess most of you will agree that more the parent age more childish he /she becomes.. atleast its true for my dad.. Everyday.. we have to cajole him to come.. and that day was no different.. After a lot of ‘maska -polish’ he came to have food.. and when I asked him to wear the slippers before he comes to the dining area.. he fumed and scolded me for no reason.. And ofcourse I simmered..

Did I ever tell you that I am a brooder? Well I am.. any small incident that happens to me is analyzed inside out.. and if something hurt me.. I keep thinking about it for a long time… holding grudges is more like me… So I was angry on dad and sitting in the sofa when I noticed sister is not using the slipper too ** I know seems like a silly issue.. but well when its family it doesn’t matter no? **

Anyways, I don’t remember what exactly happened… but me n sister argued about something.. just coz i was irritated and I snapped at her.. and then I let hell loose literally…

Umm i raged so much about this seemingly stupid issue that both my sister and dad quietly went and wore them and came back.. they didnt answer back.. which spoiled the fun actually.. i was dying to fight! Anyhow I couldn’t help but laugh at that and the whole effect was lost..

And the moral of the this long winding story is..

If I am a little less amiable and more demanding.. sometimes what I ask does happen

Well I guess they were just startled to see me lose cool over nothing πŸ™‚

Ah but it worked yay!! I am going to sparingly use this.. but next time if I want something to be done.. am not gonna wait until people realize it is the right thing to do.. I am going to browbeat them into submission.. like I force dad to have “Bath” everyday.. he kinda hates the cold and makes excuses even if we get hot water through the solar heater.. as I said he is childish πŸ™‚

P.S: After I posted the other post I kinda got inspired to post this too.. I didn’t change the title because umm I dunno .. I just didn’t wanted to!


4 thoughts on “First post of new year

  1. Aaaah it must have been a sight to see….Meena giving a piece of mind…Good for u.
    Its good to remind them once in a while that we are there for them but they cant take us for granted…….family or friends…doesnt matter who.

  2. Ah, this is the first time I see your new design — I like it a lot :-)))
    Your new home sounds great — will you post up some pictures?
    And you know what? I was in Bangalore for a few days!!! I got some serious shopping done on Brigadier Road :-)))

  3. hmmm…i learned this a long time ago…i learned a lot more things too…as a result, i now know how to get my way with my parents no matter what, and believe me, even at the age of 25, that’s way more power than anyone should have.

    unfortunately i can’t close pandora’s box once i’ve opened it 😦

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