Adventures @ ADDR.COM

Today has been by far a day when I receive all stupid calls 😦 I mean being stupid is not a crime.. am i not one ? But why do they have the illusion that they know what they are doing ? ) Umm this is going to be a lil technical.. knowing me.. it will be as lil as possible 🙂 .. after all am bitching about work here!

So.. I get this nice lady over the phone.. Her webmaster doesn’t like for some silly reason.. well understandable.. he has a tie up with some other hosting company n he wants to make money.. no big deal! The better way would be to move hosts.. Ah! but this smart lady wants to host emails with us and website with them.. even if it means she would have to pay us for both hosting and emails! We are more than happy to oblige.. however, our servers have certain limitations.. and so they have to follow certain rules .. I explained everything to her in detail.. the call lasted nearly 1 1/2 hour.. and yet within 15 min she calls someone else.. and that person spends the same amount of time…

May be she was rechecking ? well whatever.. irked me really.. to have spent so much time making her u\s… I could have been terse and misdirected her!

In that wasn’t enough, my next caller was someone who I figure didn’t know front page and yet was the webmaster.. I mean hello was creating a hyperlink so difficult? Even someone with rudimentary knowledge can do it.. Thats not really a big deal so much as his habit of mumbling to himself in between.. and yet when I finally fixed it for him.. I was tired of waiting.. I know it was beyond support boundaries but it took 1 min to resolve and 15 to make him see that it wasn’t under my support boundaries and he left happy.. and he was sweet enough to leave a nice email of thanks.. umm but he flirted too.. or was he too exuberant ? Who sends “hugs” to a tech supp ?? :O :O The first for me atleast.. and ofcourse I am butt of notty jokes on the floor.. coz leery of giving out my personal email address. even official one.. I gave him support email address.. so everyone could read it .. erm things keep happening to me no?

The third caller was a confused guy! We had set up everything to his liking and yet he made stupid changes at his “Registrar” end.. We are only webhost so if there is a change on Registrar end.. none of our settings mean anything! I had to make him change it back to us.. and all through it he kept losing the chain of thoughts.. and asked me to wait.. “he was looking at something” etc etc.. and he had 2 domains. One not hosted with us and yet, every change I asked him to make for the website hosted with us.. he made it for the other account too.. and guess how messy it was.. luckily 50 min after.. things were finally fixed.. and he disconnected the call when I was discussing it with my colleague to make sure if I am providing the right solution.. heck I even explained him how email forwarding and domain name resolution occurs.. with no less that “post box” analogy.. And he did understand.. gave me a small high really! I will make a very good teacher 🙂

And the crowning glory was an ongoing issue .. We have been facing this issue for sometime now. This client also wanted to host the emails with us and the domain name with someone else…. And she was sweet enough and smart enough to follow all I asked her to do.. however… the new hosting company’s tech support were stupid I suppose.. or may be.. the one she has been interacting with. I verified all the settings and saw that It was pointing to the destination server but the website was not pulling up. I asked the customer to ask the tech supp of the new web host to contact me which he did. After going back and forth about the same old things that we went about through the client.. made a slip saying that he can login to the cpanel for her account. Which was a catch I was waiting to get hold of.. I mean if one service works others should too.. for its like.. umm a bunch of letters within a same envelope ! If you receive one thing and the envelope was not tampered with at all.. you should receive everything.. atleast it proves that the sender sent stuff.. and you received it.. right ?

Anyways.. finally he went incommunicado ! and resurfaced with a new IP address.. hopefully this one should work. My heart goes to the customer really.. her website has been down since a long time now and she has been with us since 2000.. thats a pretty long time.. Infact she would never consider moving from us.. its just her webmaster who thinks can’t work with us…

Really trying to make a quick buck thats all..

I know I come across as blowing my own trumpet.. but some days you just have to.. the utter pig pigheadedness of the people.. in this case the clients and the tech supp from the other department…. umm kinda make me feel What the F!!!


4 thoughts on “Adventures @ ADDR.COM

  1. hmmm…i’m so glad i’m not in tech support!!! i used to fix people’s pcs for a (part-time) living when in college, and this was by far the most frustrating part of it!!!

  2. Half the tech stuff went over my head…but I understood this much that u do an important job….help out ignorant people like me out of trouble:-D.

  3. Agnes.. it was fun in a way..

    Kris *sigh!* Dont I know how it is..

    Nancy.. not so important really .. Well it is fun most of the time.. some day.. u dont want to work a lot and bamm!! u get such clients!

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