A little more office rant…..

If you guys remember few days back in one of the previous post, I had mentioned about a guy who had issues with using front page ? So this guy came back again for one more change.. And I was firm this time saying I can’t help.. and yet when he persisted.. I felt yet again it was easier to do than ask him to leave.. So I made the change for him.. and in return he writes..

Dear *****,

Thank you so much. Remember, you are always welcome to visit and see the beautiful coast of Oregon, USA. Want to learn to surf? I can show you.

Best regards,


I mean what am I to reply to that and yet be professionally formal ? Its not like outsourcing is recent phenomenon.. its been at least 10 years now for sure! And also, its not like the customers don’t know that we are in India. We dont lie.. and yet why do they have to write us emails that puts us in a dicey position ?



6 thoughts on “A little more office rant…..

  1. Yeah, it’s kinda unprofessional… but hey, if you decide to take him up on it, make sure you go visit Carmel, you’ll love it 😉

  2. @ Bhav.. when you send me the ticket n visa for USA 😉

    @Agnes.. ha ha ha.. sure if I ever go 🙂

    P.S: On hindsight.. may be that guy was just being friendly.. and I shudnt have reacted this way..

    Oh well!

  3. Well, there’s always a chance he was just being friendly…. to me it’s creepy though.

    Did you notice I moved my site? What do you think?

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