Spilt milk

A really silly thought came to my mind today…

As it happens, everyday when I come home, I have to heat up the milk. Though it is my sister’s set of chores.. she is so nicely asleep that I cannot wake her up.. I do try though.. for you see am so lazy.. and working out does leave me tired.. And all I ever want to do at such time is sleep..

Anyhow, since sleeping that early is not an option.. I need my coffee.. so I make it.. however, I tend to keep the milk in slow flame and sit in front of computer or TV.. And obviously loose the track of time.. and hence, Its been 3 days consecutively , I have been over boiling the milk.. And while I was cleaning the gas stove I remembered early days when my mom spilt the milk.. Dad would always get angry.. He held the superstition that spilling means one’s prosperity will go..

While mom maintained that it is an offering to fire god how can that be inauspicious! After all we willfully let the milk boil when we go to a new house .. as an offering and in Pongal…

Anyways.. so I was wondering if any of you knew of any superstition that contradict each other?

Like apparently my dads and mom’s did ?


6 thoughts on “Spilt milk

  1. I have heard only the part where it is a positive thing, milk boiling over 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if it is to kind of console oneself!

    And I can really connect to this one, because this is a frequent happening at my home too.. Lol!

  2. @ Usha I know what you mean! >:D<

    @Agnes! Me too I love it 😀 😀

    @superstition.. its fun! I will write a blog post on it soon 🙂

    @Bhav! Then remember 😛

  3. u knw….this reminds me of an incident when we were holding the grihapravesham of our new house, my mom & dad spent the whole day arguing whether milk had to boil out or not….in the end my mom won…milk had to boil over:-D

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