Weight Loss…

The best thing about losing weight is seeing your drab clothes go loose on your body frame! I mean really.. its like waking from a nightmare and being welcomed in the paradise of good clothes 😀 Wish I could say the same about my shoes.. am still size 10 😦

P.S: My trainers still don’t seem happy with my efforts! Damn! I am trying my level best! And I am losing weight! What more they want??? Actually I know! They won’t be happy until I do diet.. and I am not gonna follow any diet that I can’t continue all my life.. and the pace at which I am losing is just fine.. bah!


9 thoughts on “Weight Loss…

  1. Good for U Meena…..but u've got to keep at it.

    Dont get excited abt the initial weight loss…the initial 5-7kgs will be easy but after tht it gets very difficult. Ur trainers know tht & thts why they r going on like tht.
    Try minor changes in ur food habits…simple 1's u can keep.

  2. @ anoop exactly.. ah well am waiting for more loss before i revamp.. for now I am njoying the looseness of them 😀

  3. @ Nancy.. i know.. and i am doing it! I have stopped eating rice almost completely.. no ice creams no chocolate.. and if I eat out.. I walk for 20 min 😦

    I am doing my level best!

    @Bhav n leo.. thank you so much!!

  4. Nancy yes!

    >:D< >:D<

    @Agnes.. it certainly is.. I was wondering yesterday how flexible I have become 😀 😀

    Daily work out for now .. and yes I do sleep better ..

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